Do They Think Before They Speak

By George Smith

Do-these-Trumpuppets-ever-think-before-they-speak? headline of the day:

“Mnuchin on $600 unemployment benefit: We can’t be ‘paying people more to stay home’”

Does he ever listen to himself? I agree that $600 a week in unemployment benefits for taxpayers is too much if a worker was making $300/$500 a week before the pandemic hit.

That was the result of a knee-jerk solution to a problem that was not well thought out. Our elected officials from both parties simply blew this crucial stimulus assignment.

Trying to be honest, practical and fiscally conservative, BobJean and I should not have been included in the first round of stimulus checks. We received $1,750; we spent it to help stimulate the economy, but with our Social Security and monthy baby retirement stipends, we could make it fiscally without government assistant.

(Note to those preparing to hurl snark: Yes, we cashed the check and will cash the next one, if it comes. We will spend it to help stimulate the economy.) 

The mere fact we received federal aid showed how ill-prepared the government was in dealing with this pandemic amd how billions in wasted tax dollars were mailed or directly deposited because THERE WAS NO PLAN for equitable and logical federal aid distribution.

And, sadly, in the past three months, no new, more realistic plan has been devised.

Sad. Just sad. And that is as good a one-word assessment of this irresponsible and bumbling administration as can be written.

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