August 6, 2020


Harrison County: 18

Gregg: 34

Smith 29

An angry computer ate most of the mailout today. Perhaps it’s just as well. They were getting too long. J. Harris

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The Invisible Man did not feel well so he went to the doctor’s office…He asked the receptionist for an appointment.  The receptionist replied,”The Doctor cannot see you today!”  (Thank you Audrey and Luis Kariel).

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August 5, 2020

to Ron
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ON TUESDAY Harrison County had 7 new cases, Gregg 22 and Smith 47. 
Rt was .94 yesterday

FROM JOHS HOPKINS1. Coronavirus: Iran Cover-up of Deaths Revealed by Data Leak (BBC) The number of deaths from coronavirus in Iran is nearly triple what Iran’s government claims, a BBC Persian service investigation has found. The government’s own records appear to show almost 42,000 people died with Covid-19 symptoms up to 20 July, versus 14,405 reported by its health ministry.

2. Should You Wear Goggles to Protect Against Coronavirus? Here’s What Experts Told Us. (Health) Anthony Fauci, MD, White House advisor and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on July 29 that wearing goggles or eye shields in addition to a mask might be advisable. (J. Harris: Were I caring for an active case of COVID or in close contact with the virus, for example in the household, I’d were glasses or a shield and probably a mask as well).

3.White House Opposes Requirement for Passengers to Wear Masks On Planes, Trains(Reuters) The White House on Thursday said it opposed language in a bill before Congress that would require airline, train and public transit passengers and workers to wear masks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

States ranked by COVID-19 test positivity rates: August 4Texas: 13.8 (% OF TESTS PERFORMED IN TEXAS ARE POSITIVES–10TH HIGHEST RATE OF ALL US STATES)

New daily cases: 8,479  (OF COVID–This total is close to the total number of cased in the green chart above, so the counting is getting more uniform) 


The Coronavirus Is Never Going Away
(J. Harris: Fabulous article, readable, understandable, and I believe it is accurate. However, new TREATMENT possibilities are not considered)The coronavirus is simply too widespread and too transmissible. The most likely scenario, experts say, is that the pandemic ends at some point—because enough people have been either infected or vaccinated—but the virus continues to circulate in lower levels around the globe. Cases will wax and wane over time. Outbreaks will pop up here and there. Even when a much-anticipated vaccine arrives, it is likely to only suppress but never completely eradicate the virus. (For context, consider that vaccines exist for more than a dozen human viruses but only one, smallpox, has ever been eradicated from the planet, and that took 15 years of immense global coordination.) We will probably be living with this virus for the rest of our lives.

The strategies that succeeded with SARS are less effective when some of the people who transmit COVID-19 don’t even know they are infected. …..If immunity lasts only a few months, there could be a big pandemic followed by smaller outbreaks every year. If immunity lasts closer to two years, COVID-19 could peak every other year.  

Antibodies to a handful of other coronaviruses that cause common colds fade in just a year…..In the best-case scenario, a vaccine and better treatments blunt COVID-19’s severity, making it a much less dangerous and less disruptive disease. Over time, SARS-CoV-2 becomes just another seasonal respiratory virus, like the four other coronaviruses that cause a sizable proportion of common colds: 229E, OC43, NL63, and HKU1. These cold coronaviruses are so common that we have likely all had them at some point, maybe even multiple times. They can cause serious outbreaks, especially in the elderly, but are usually mild enough to fly under the radar. One endgame is that SARS-CoV-2 becomes the fifth coronavirus that regularly circulates among humans.

The other four coronaviruses may also be less deadly because we have all encountered them as children, and even if our immunity does not prevent us from getting them again, it may still prevent severe disease. All of this, along with immunity from vaccines, means that COVID-19 is likely to become far less disruptive down the line…..“I think this virus is with us to the future,” Ruth Karron, a vaccine researcher at Johns Hopkins, told me. “But so is influenza with us, and for the most part, flu doesn’t shut down our societies. We manage it.”

Knowledge That It Could Kill Him Actually Making Man Appreciate Day At Disney World A Lot More

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