August 10, 2020

Sunday COVID report: Marshall reports no new cases, Gregg County reports 36 new cases. Tyler is keeping mum. 

Tracking data shows where many cases of COVID were likely acquired>
Coronavirus Shreveport-Bossier: Confirmed cases rise past 1,100, deaths reach 60

AN ARTICLE SENT TO ME BY MY LONG-SUFFERING NORWEGIAN GOURMET CHEF:America’s obesity epidemic threatens the effectiveness of any COVID vaccineAmerica’s obesity epidemic threatens the effectiveness of any COVID vaccine (ORIGINALLY FROM KAISER)

Dr. Timothy Garvey, an endocrinologist, and director of diabetes research at the University of Alabama was among those who stressed that, despite the lingering questions, it is still safer for obese people to get vaccinated than not.

“The influenza vaccine still works in patients with obesity, but just not as well,” Garvey said. “We still want them to get vaccinated.”

How Safe Is Your School’s Reopening Plan? Here’s What To Look For
(From NPR, sent by that young fellow at Marshall Economic Development)

What did the buffalo say to his son? Bison.   

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D____ is progressing slowly

D____ is progressing slowly

By Ron Munden

I get fucking tired of people continuing to say COVID-19 is a political hoax or COVID-19 is no big deal it is just like the flu.

I recognize that these people are science deniers so presenting  chart and graphs to convince them this is a serious problem would be a waste.

Maybe antipodal evidence is more acceptable to them.

Yesterday is received an email from  a person that was one of my division heads when I worked as Director of Information Systems at Mare Island Naval Shipyard.  The subject of the email was another division head that worked with both of us.  I have removed the names to protect the privacy of the family but this is the email I received.

D____ is progressing slowly

D____ went into the hospital on June 28, 4 days after experiencing mild symptoms.   on day 4, he could not breath well and was taken to the ER and admitted.   two days later he was on a ventilator.    3 plus weeks on it and he was finally able to breath on his own  but still had feeding tubes down through his nose.   after that was removed he did even have enough strength to turn over in bed.

two days ago he moved down one floor in the hospital to a 20 day recovery area for critically impacted patients.  tough physical therapy etc.

he walked 10 feet yesterday while hanging on the parallel bars.  extreme fatigue and weakness   I did not ask about any other potentially long term effects since that is the last thingP____ needs to think about.  from what i have read, there are real risks however. 

I called P____ (his wife) yesterday and we talked for 45 minutes or so.   she had a mild case and was able to stay home.  her life has been very difficult with many days not sure if D____ would make it.  both of them took an emotional battering   D____ has been struggling with the will to continue but may be starting to heal in that department as well.  time will tell.

he lost 70 pounds but that is not a diet you want to adopt.

So  it turns out that for some people, this is not just the flue, which is no surprise to us.   wish more people felt that way.

I let her know both of you were hoping for the best for d____ and to pass on our best wishes for his recovery. 

If after reading this you still think that COVID-19 is just like the flu, you are a certifiable FUCKING IDIOT. 

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