The Office of the President

By George Smith

I respect the office of the president of the United States. The status of that office and the powers given to it are guaranteed by the timeless words in the Constitution.

That said, President Donald Trump is simply an office placeholder, a fractious hiccup in the spasming of the nation’s inner workings. He is a danger to the security and future of the Unitrd States.

Trump, despite him constantly pushing blame for every negative anomaly toward others, is his own worst enemy. Simply put, he cannot keep his mouth shut; when he opens it, a cascade of malignant ignorance pours out like water in a Rocky Mountain stream after a spring thaw.

In one breath, he claims vote-by-mail in Florida is perfectly acceptable, while having his campaign sue the state of Nevada for gearing up its vote-by-mail efforts.

A creature of strong beliefs (which change as often as Mattress Back Beulah changes sheets), Trump sees nothing wrong with uttering a statement that screams “LIE!” as it slides off his tongue. 

The president cannot be as smart as he proclaims or as smart as his followers apparently believe, if 1. He believes his lies, and 2. He doesn’t think about his statements being checked for accuracy.

If I could pick the next president of the United States, Joe Biden woukd not be my first choice. That said, when it the choice is between  President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the choice is clear…Biden gets a vigorous nod.

This nation cannot stand another four years of abject incompetence, malevolent corruption, constant erosion of the nation’s institutional moral fiber, profiteering attacks on the environment, childish personal attacks and vindictive actions on opponents and the media, open-faced graft and corruption and in-your-face toadyism by appointed officials supposedly representing the residents of this nation.

The president’s intent is to reshape the face of government into an autocracy, democracy be damned. Trump knows best and those that do not agree are targeted to be squashed like  cockroach. 

This is not the picture of the country in which I grew up, nor is it a place I want for my children and grandchildren.

Trump has fostered a climate of mistrust snd division across the nation and far too many people are buying into his my-way-or-the-highway,  pulpit-pounding spiel. It’s a them-vs.-us battleground with the presudent changing the face of the “them” to suit his personal agenda.

If you follow Trump blindly and buy into his I-am-the-greatest-at-everything!  ballyhoo, the nation’s future as a democracy, as the shing beacon of freedom in the world, is endangered.

Trump and his minions are slicing and dicing the United States into tiny pieces. If re-elected, the nation’s future is not just bleak, it is in doubt.

Read. Research. Analyze. Think.

You hold the nation’s future in your hand.

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