August 3, 2020

There is not much new area data available at present.
Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez out for the season with post-COVID-19 heart condition

Rodriguez, 27, had tested positive for the coronavirus before the start of Boston’s summer camp. He was cleared to return to team workouts on July 18, but had not been activated because he developed myocarditis — a heart condition — after recovering from COVID-19…..Rodriguez said on July 19 that his bout with the coronavirus had left him feeling “100 years old.” …



            Don’t worry, The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will be held again this year, 2020. It will start this coming Friday. You can still make it. You can ride or ship your bike and camp out or rent a place and have a nice visit and compare bikes and tats with riders from all over the world. A little Pandemic does not frighten bikers, biker babes, nor biker children.

            Since 1938 bikers congregate in Sturgis for a convention of sorts. They have races, rallies, rides, and rampage. For ten days each year, 400,000 to 500,000 motorcycle enthusiasts congregate in the rather ordinary, otherwise unexciting town of about 6600 and enjoy the majesty of the South Dakota Badlands as well as the Black Hills. The area has many parks and points of interest, the most spectacular of which is Mt. Rushmore.

             In addition to motorcycle events, there will be musical entertainment, usually with at least some big-time entertainers. Miranda Lambert and Willie Nelson have both played there in the past. An audience of half a million people sends an invitation that most entertainers cannot refuse.

            Oh yeah — there will be some type of COVID testing available if anyone wishes to have it done. Sturgis city fathers will provide protective clothing and masks to vendors who need them and “there will be no open containers of alcohol allowed on city streets and there will be no parades.” The city plans to prevent any disease transmission, and the show must go on. Sturgis derives 95% of its annual revenues from the ten-day event. Should any locals be afraid to come out while the gangs all here, a local “Good Deeds Program” will do their shopping for them so they can isolate themselves from their nomadic visitors.

            Actually, a ten-day rally might not be all bad: the bikers who get the sickest early will perhaps not ride their “hogs” home and infect folks along the way. They can go home in an ambulance, chopper, or coffin. For the rest, as they trail home to all points on the compass, they will have the potential to spread disease only a little less lethal than the Influenza that troop trains spread in 1918.

The Three Key Hurdles for a Coronavirus Vaccine to Clear

10 best, worst states for healthcare in 202010 best, worst states for healthcare in 2020

To identify the best and worst states for healthcare, analysts compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 44 different measures of healthcare cost, access and outcomes. The metrics ranged from average hospital expenses per inpatient day to share of patients readmitted to hospitals.

The guy who fell onto an upholstery machine last week is now fully recovered    

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Do They Think Before They Speak

By George Smith

Do-these-Trumpuppets-ever-think-before-they-speak? headline of the day:

“Mnuchin on $600 unemployment benefit: We can’t be ‘paying people more to stay home’”

Does he ever listen to himself? I agree that $600 a week in unemployment benefits for taxpayers is too much if a worker was making $300/$500 a week before the pandemic hit.

That was the result of a knee-jerk solution to a problem that was not well thought out. Our elected officials from both parties simply blew this crucial stimulus assignment.

Trying to be honest, practical and fiscally conservative, BobJean and I should not have been included in the first round of stimulus checks. We received $1,750; we spent it to help stimulate the economy, but with our Social Security and monthy baby retirement stipends, we could make it fiscally without government assistant.

(Note to those preparing to hurl snark: Yes, we cashed the check and will cash the next one, if it comes. We will spend it to help stimulate the economy.) 

The mere fact we received federal aid showed how ill-prepared the government was in dealing with this pandemic amd how billions in wasted tax dollars were mailed or directly deposited because THERE WAS NO PLAN for equitable and logical federal aid distribution.

And, sadly, in the past three months, no new, more realistic plan has been devised.

Sad. Just sad. And that is as good a one-word assessment of this irresponsible and bumbling administration as can be written.

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