By Billy Bob Ray –

Yesterday I was very disappointed about My President’s conduct when meeting with Putin in Finland. He acted like a wimp.

I was sure My President would stand toe to toe with Putin and tell him “How the cow ate the cabbage.” Instead it was lip to toe and My President complimented Putin on his boots.

I must admit I was in a bad state of mind as the sun went down last night. I had lost faith in My Leader. Could he really be a Wimp?

As I went to bed I prayed to God to clear my mind and make me whole again. God answered my prayers.

In the middle of the night Sean Hannity came to me and said the calming words, “Hillary made him do it.” Suddenly it was all clear — the Clinton’s were to blame. How could I have missed My President’s secret message. He kept mentioning Hillary’s server.

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By Ron Munden – July 15, 2018

For the record I do not want to see Wonderland of Lights go away. I think it is a nice little local festival which should be preserved for the quality of life of the community. I do think it should be managed the way it was for the first 28 years – a volunteer lead 501c3 organization independent of the city’s direct management involvement.

Of course, this will not happen because Wonderland of Lights has become Marshall’s sacred cow.

“Sacred Cow” is defined as:

sa·cred cow
1. an idea, custom, or institution held, especially unreasonably, to be above criticism (with reference to the Hindus’ respect for the cow as a sacred animal).

On Thursday night four or five people went to the mike during the public comment part of the Marshall City Commission meeting and expressed their support for Wonderland of Lights. Their support fell into two categories:

1. It is Marshall’s brand. It is Marshall’s claim to frame.

2. Restaurants and retail merchants depend on WOL to stay in business and they contribute their increased sales in November and December to WOL.

I know sacred cows are above criticism and therefore my arguments will be rejected but the last time I checked this country still has a free press, so I will make my argument.

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Mt. Etna – April 28, 2018 – Sicily, Italy



By Tom Allin

Edmund knocked on our door early this morning to let us know they were off to the
airport and on to the Italian Adriatic Sea Coast. We weren’t up as early as these two
but I think we out of the hotel and on our way by 10:00 am.
Our plan was to drive along the coast to Messina, take the ferry to Villa San Giovanni,
and follow the coast north to Tropea. All went well for the first 45 minutes. Then
Google Maps told me to leave the highway which I thought strange but it has happen
before and sometimes with good results. I was a little slow in recognizing we are:
(a) no longer along the coast, (b) the road is only two lanes, and (c) Mt. Etna is no
longer on my left but more straight ahead.

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