August 9, 2020

Gregg County has 89 new cases Saturday; Marshall has 13. Testing has been done daily in Gregg County and will continue. Harrison County residents are welcome to get tested there as well. 

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(J. Harris: I wonder if we are starting back to school one or two months too early? Shouldn’t we wait until the rate of new infections decreases? Since time no longer means anything, there’s really no rush; we could shut down for a couple of months or for an entire year, if we had to do so. However, I am confident that our MISD School Board and Administration will make the right decision; I know that they are studying every angle and are planning carefully as well as conferring with education and public health experts.

We could eliminate all the bells and whistles and extracurricular activities that can’t be done on a computer and provide basic education and meals as well as Laptop or iPad type computers and Hot Spots for home use. We could emphasize “3 R’s” easily (especially reading). Of course, the students are being “shortchanged,” but we can make it up to them when the Pandemic moves on — which it will do. It may, however, circle around a few more times before it fades to the background, and vaccines and herd immunity protect us.

9 cases of COVID-19 reported at North Paulding High School

The Paulding County high school that became infamous for hallways crowded with unmasked students reported a half-dozen students and three staffers in the school with COVID-19, the school district told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Saturday.

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 I wanted to take pictures of the fog this morning but I mist my chance. I guess I could dew it tomorrow!

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