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17 thoughts on “Feedback – 2020

  1. New cases mean nothing, deaths are specious as how covid caused deaths are determined. What I want to know is the daily hospitalizations due to covid and those death or recovery numbers. There must be a way to determine valid numbers.


  2. We need a list of his campaign promises to share with our friends:
    Who is going to pay for the wall?
    Get rid of Obama care and we are going to replace it with a better, cheaper price and it will not exclude pre existing conditions, we are going to revive the coal industry etc.
    Remember the video of him on the plane stating that he never knew anything about paying off Stormy Daniels, (Early sign of dementia I guess).
    Dr. Trump’s assessment of the corona virus: “it’s just going to go away in the summer “.
    Somebody quit counting his lies around 2000 or so.
    The Republican National Convention should have told him to go ahead and run as a independent and then run a respected candidate even if it meant losing. He is an embarrassment to America and it is going to take time to gain the respect of our old friends, allies and neighbors.
    I will vote straight Democratic in November.


  3. I agree with George Smith’s opinions concerning Trump. What I’m still queasy about are his re-election chances. Remember he was NOT going to win?!?!? If Ruth BG dies before the election, I fear many will vote for Trump just to ensure another conservative justice is nominated while the rest of American and its institutions go to hell.


    1. Regardless what happens I thinks a large part of Trump’s vote will come from people that are single issue voters – anti-abortion Judges and to hell with everything else. Voter turnout on both sides will determine the outcome of the election.


    1. I start working on that in August. BTW I went up to photograph the marker at the courthouse and could not find them. I will check with Christina Anderson on the locations.


  4. My feed back is in response to the article on Dr. Shaun Kelehan. I am a patient of his and its hard for me to believe as intelligent as he is, that he would risk losing his hard earned, well established practice by being as stupid as Trey Wood wants us to believe. Im not saying he may not have administered the meds, or that they may not have had sex. But i dont believe the man i know would have unconsensual sex with this or any other man. It would not benefit him since the notion that this very thing could happen if he did, and him lose all he had worked so hard to build. His sexual preference is none of my business and has no bering on his skills as a doctor. If i am wrong in my beliefs in his character, then i apologise, however, i can see it being more that under a addictive state of mind, there was consensual sex performed in which Mr. wood may have later regretted and had some issues dealing with. And since shaun previously knew he had said he wasnt gay in the past, trey may have felt that shaun shouldnt have accepted the okay to now. And therefor, felt taken advantage of. But that still doesnt mean he took advantage in the way mr. Wood is saying, and causing him to lose his practice when the whole thing is being a bit misrepresented in my opinion. I am an addict, clean now for years, but have been in situations i so regretted and wanted to blame the other party and i get it, in a sense, when you have spoken previously your preferences, then when inebriated gave in to the dedires of another, you do feel the situation is taken advantage of, but it could be taken in their mind that we have finally come to terms with hidden desires of our own. Its a miscommunication of sorts and Shaun should not lose his practice due to it. I will personally still use him as long as he can practice and am sorry that both of you have gotten to this place. Its a tough place to be in over a few moments of pleasure.


  5. My name is Professor Garrison Nelson of the University of Vermont. I am the author of JOHN WILLIAM McCORMACK: A POLITICAAL BIOGRAPHY (Bloomsbury, 2017) and the co-author of THE AUSTIN_BOSTON CONNECTION (Texas A+M U Press, 2009). I was a friend of VT Governor Phil Hoff, and I enjoyed your depiction of him. As you recall Speaker McCormack was the convention’s presiding officer and it was his nephew Eddie McCormack who had lost the1962 Senate primary to Ted Kennedy and Humphrey protege (and future senator) Walter Mondale who were working with the MFDP and the party regulars to keep the peace and avoid a 1948-like
    public walkout. Let’s talk some time. My e-mail is


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