August 26, 2020

Hallsville and Longview have a few COVID cases in their schools. I have no local reports. Harrison County reported 2 new cases yesterday.

FROM JOHNS HOPKINS1. Oleandrin dangers: Toxicology Organization’s joint statement concerning proposals for the use as a potential treatment for COVID-19

2. First Covid-19 Reinfection Documented in Hong Kong, Researchers Say (STAT News) Researchers in Hong Kong on Monday reported what appears to be the first confirmed case of Covid-19 reinfection, a 33-year-old man who was first infected by SARS-CoV-2 in late March and then, four and a half months later, seemingly contracted the virus again while traveling in Europe. The case raises questions about the durability of immune protection from the coronavirus. But it was also met with caution by other scientists, who questioned the extent to which the case pointed to broader concerns about reinfection.

3. Not just antibodies: B cells and T cells mediate immunity to COVID-19 (Nature) Recent reports that antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 are not maintained in the serum following recovery from the virus have caused alarm. However, the absence of specific antibodies in the serum does not necessarily mean an absence of immune memory. Here, we discuss our current understanding of the relative contribution of B cells and T cells to immunity to SARS-CoV-2 and the implications for the development of effective treatments and vaccines for COVID19.    (J. Harris: I little more complicated that our “Vaccine 101 of Aug. 25 but a nice article).

Rural Hospitals Are Sinking Under COVID-19 Financial Pressures ( J. Harris: Harrison and Gregg Counties are fortunate to have the Christus organization involved in our communities as well as Smith County. Christus’ not for profit mission gives them staying power during hard times and times when Medicaid payments are inadequate or not properly distributed. I used to envy Titus County because they had a well established City/County Hospital District (tax-supported) with a good record of providing local medical care. Unfortunately, Covid-19 is running rampant through the area poultry plant and the Mt. Pleasant community, and according to the article above, causing massive financial problems for the hospital and the community).

Genetic data show how a single superspreading event sent coronavirus across Massachusetts — and the nation
(J. Harris: Genetic studies of the virus reads like  a ”who done it” whose ending you already know but the detective work is engrossing).


(J. Harris: Good practical questions and answers)
Good luck to everyone in the path of the storms, especially our friends in Houston. Most likely, my mailouts will become much less frequent. It was about time for that anyway.  Texas Department of Health Services (, Johns Hopkins, the CDC, NYT, Texas Tribune, Washington Post, and local newspapers remain the best current sources of information that I have found. I anticipate loss of power and no internet. Stay well, everyone. Fortunately, we don’t need electricity to pray for each other. Try and maintain distance and masks. 

What did the teacher do with the student’s report on cheese? She grated it.

Did you know that Lawrence Welk had four daughters?  Anna 1, Anna 2, Anna 3, Anna 4

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