I was recently advised by my Internist that I am in need a pertussis booster (whooping cough).  Furthermore, she said that we have had some local cases last year of whooping cough in adults whose childhood immunization has worn off for this disease. I am getting the shot and also re-educating myself about adult vaccinations. I will get tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis vaccination (called a “Tdap.” Naturally, I will repeat it every ten years.

The most inclusive web site that I found to “tone up” on vaccinations is that of the CDC. Texas also has a site as well consisting of fewer charts and bells and whistles that the CDC. 

Nevertheless, I suggest the CDC site because they also have a chart that individuals can fill out that is specific to their age, health, and need for boosters or be vaccinations. Individuals can see where they are and then discuss it with their personal physicians on their next visit. 

For sure, EVERYONE NEEDS A NEW FLU SHOT.  They are already available at most drug stores. Call first.

Jim Harris, MD

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