By William “Doc” Halliday

When you take on a task or a project, do you give a commitment to do your very best? Or do you only make a perfunctory effort?

Decades ago, I observed a man sweeping the sidewalk in front of an isolated store in a desert area. The parking area was not paved, and the wind blew frequently. Any area that this man swept was soon to be covered in dust again. Yet, he gave it his finest, comprehensive effort. He picked up every item on the sidewalk in order to ensure that no dust escaped his broom, and then replaced that object in its now clean (albeit temporarily so) spot. I wish I could have spoken to him in depth, but I was not fluent in the language. This is a great employee! Do you have individuals like this that work for you? Or, would your efforts for your employer put this man to shame?

For years I told a story about Jimmy Carter, believing it to be true, as I had obtained the story from a reliable source. As a young naval officer, the future President of the United States was assigned to the nuclear submarine program under Admiral Rickover. That much is true. The untrue or at least unverified story is that Carter was given an assignment to write a report on a particular subject. He did, and handed the report in to the Admiral. Several days later the report was sent back to Carter with “Is this the best you can do?” scrawled across the front.

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The 1970s — California Nudes


The 1970s — California Nudes

By Ron Munden

WARNING: This gallery contains photos of nude women. I don`t understand why but if you think you might be offend by these images please leave this page immediately.

Editor`s note:
Recently I was cleaning out my office and found these prints. I scanned them and decided to post them as part of my walk down memory lane.

These images were taken between 1972 and 1975. During that time, I sold photographs in parks, malls, and on street corners. For me the two best selling categories of photos were nature shots and female nudes. So, a couple of times each year I would hire a model or trade her for a portfolio. Fortunately in the Bay Area there were lots of people looking for a portfolio.

These are a few of the remaining photos from those shoots.

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By Ron Munden – July 23, 2018

Sometimes names can be deceptive. This appears to be one of those times.

It appears that there are people in Marshall still trying to derail the animal shelter. I recently learned that there is a “PETITION TO PLACE THE MARSHALL ANIMAL SHELTER AND INFRASTRUCTURE ON THE NOVEMBER 2018 BALLOT” being circulated by a group ironically calling itself Citizens for a Better Marshall.

I don’t know who is pushing the petition. Based on the documents I have, the only two names are “Eric J Neal” and “Leo Morris”.

The only Eric J Neal I know is a realtor and the ex-city commissioner that was defeated in his run for a second term for the city commission in 2017.

The Leo Morris I know ran for the city commission in 2017 and was defeated.

I have said that those trying to delay the animal shelter are trying to “Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory”. Just a guess but maybe these two gentlemen are trying to pull off another defeat.

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By Billy Bob Ray –

Yesterday I was very disappointed about My President’s conduct when meeting with Putin in Finland. He acted like a wimp.

I was sure My President would stand toe to toe with Putin and tell him “How the cow ate the cabbage.” Instead it was lip to toe and My President complimented Putin on his boots.

I must admit I was in a bad state of mind as the sun went down last night. I had lost faith in My Leader. Could he really be a Wimp?

As I went to bed I prayed to God to clear my mind and make me whole again. God answered my prayers.

In the middle of the night Sean Hannity came to me and said the calming words, “Hillary made him do it.” Suddenly it was all clear — the Clinton’s were to blame. How could I have missed My President’s secret message. He kept mentioning Hillary’s server.

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Editor’s note:
I am siting the historical dates included in this article from memory. They may be off by a year or two but that does impact my opinion in any way. has verified that in the last month City Manager Jack Redmon has discussed transferring management of Wonderland of Lights from the City to the Chamber with Chamber Director Stormy Nickerson.

I commend the City Manager for taking this action since festival management is not a core function of the City and historically the City has not been directly involved in the management of Wonderland of Lights.

Wonderland of Lights was born in 1982 – the brainchild of Marshall News Messenger Publisher George Smith. The festival was managed by volunteers with heavy citizen involvement. In 1985 I was living in California but returned to Marshall for Christmas – the first time in 20 years.

I was very impressed with WOL. The decoration of the Square was very nice; the decorations on the neighbors’ homes were outstanding. This was something that Marshall could be proud of.

Wonderland was born as a volunteer-driven organization and was managed using a 501c3 structure. When I arrived back in Marshall in 2001, Wonderland was managed by Marshall Festivals. Marshall Festivals was criticized by many people, including me. I now realize how wrong I was. I now know Marshall Festivals did an outstanding job considering what they had to work with and the changes in society since WOL inception in 1982.

WOL was operated as a standalone 501c3 for 28 years. In retrospect, this was the best way to manage the festival.

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By Ron Munden – June 17, 2018

On Saturday the Marshall News Messenger published an article titled, “No bond election for new animal shelter after split Marshall commissioners vote.” When I read the headline, I assumed that after 6 years the City Commission had approved the project and construction would start in the fall.

After reading the rest of the article and making a few calls, I think the fate of the animal shelter is still up in the air.

The MNM article said,”Commissioners Larry Hurta, Vernia Calhoun and Doug Lewis voted against the $2.2 million certificate of obligation funding option.” It is my understanding that these commissioners will support an election petition that if successful will prevent the City from using the certificate of obligation that passed on Thursday.

Last week I wrote an article that said, “in my opinion if the city commissioners decide on a bond election rather than using a certificate of obligation, they would be shooting themselves in the foot.”

After Thursday’s vote it looks like Commissioners Hurta, Calhoun, and Lewis missed with their first shot but are putting another bullet in the chamber and getting ready to take another shot. The only difference is that if this one hits the foot it is going to be even more damaging. I’ll explain why in the remaining part of this article.