May 22, 2020

Excellent article from Tyler paper, may also be in LGV and Marshall or should be.
From CNN’s “Five Things”
The CDC estimates more than a third of coronavirus patients don’t have any symptoms at all, and 40% of virus transmission happens before people feel sick. The figures are part of the agency’s new guidance for mathematical modelers and public health officials, and are not supposed to be predictions of how many people could have or contract Covid-19. The CDC has also released mortality figures and scenarios intended to help public health preparedness. Under the most severe of the five scenarios outlined, the CDC lists a symptomatic case fatality ratio of 0.01, meaning that 1% of people overall with Covid-19 and symptoms would die. But some experts say the figures lowball the proportion of people who are succumbing to the disease.blic pools it is impossible to prevent viral spread).
“…I understand the importance of opening up the economy. The worry that I have is that we haven’t put in place a public health system — the testing, the contact tracing — that’s commensurate to sustain the economy…”
SWEDEN SEROLOGICAL STUDY Sweden’s Public Health Authority announced preliminary results from a serological study, based on more than 1,100 specimens collected across 9 regions. The study is ongoing and aims to collect 1,200 specimens per week over an 8-week period. The preliminary results described in the press release correspond to Week 18 (April 27-May 3). During that period, 7.3% of participants in Stockholm had SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, the highest of the regions tested. The press release included results from two other regions—4.2% in Skåne and 3.7% in Västra Götaland. Among the specimens tested, participants aged 20-64 years had the highest seroprevalence (6.7%), followed by 0-19 years (4.7%) and 65-70 years (2.7%). Sweden has previously reported results of studies conducted using molecular tests (e.g., PCR). Molecular tests only detect active infection, whereas serological testing can identify individuals who were previously infected. Sweden has been criticized for not implementing more restrictive mandatory community mitigation measures. Sweden continues to report elevated per capita incidence compared to most of Europe, and its daily per capita deaths is currently the highest in Europe.
Kawasaki’s Disease Report: An unusual vasculitis seen is some children with Covid is also showing up in young adults — just as many of the young had decided that they were “bulletproof.”
COLLIN PUN FOR THE DAY: A rubber – band pistol was confiscated from an algebra class, because it was a weapon of math disruption.

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