By George Smith

If you did not watch the Trump Show on Fox News Sunday night, you missed:

— An adjective-laden, discombobulated rantfest where the president consistently showed his inability to answer a question directly.

— Trump put on display his PhD level ability to deflect the most simple question and either turn it into an attack on Barack Obama, China, Democrat governors or the media.

— Twisted the U.S. coronavirus death
numbers (68,000-plus) as a positive number rather than as an indictment  of this administration’s numerous missteps, l miscalculations and initial slow response.

— Repeatedly lied about actions taken or not taken relating to the pandemic.

— Was superficially off-putting by responding to one distraught woman who was getting evicted by simply stated she would “get a better job.”

The level of his empathy to the death toll, to the cries of help from states, first responders and hospitals is somewhere two digits south of zero.

 He is, in a word, an embarrassment, a national disgrace, a clown who is not funny, a political Pennywise who is deviously evil in action, word and deed.

Anyone who still supports this rumbling, bumbling fool has a full share stake in that embarrassment.

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May 4, 2020

FROM THE LONGVIEW PAPER:Harrison County announced another death from COVID-19 on Sunday, along with 18 new confirmed cases of the disease, as the number of new positive cases in Texas surpassed 1,000 for the fourth consecutive day. 

Eight Gregg County residents also were among those Texas cases confirmed to have the novel coronavirus, along with two Panola County residents and three Titus County residents.

Harrison said that as of Sunday, the county has performed 1,233 total tests, with 1,013 negative results and 120 pending results. 

In Harrison County, Judge Chad Sims said Sunday’s announcements bring his county’s total of positive cases up to 140 with eight fatalities. 

“All of the testing results from (April 25) should be in,” Sims said. “Those results are not separated out for us, and we’ve likely been getting them in all week. Let’s continue to practice good hygiene and be cautious around those who are vulnerable. Also, remember in your prayers those families affected by this virus.” 

Panola County Judge LeeAnn Jones said the two new cases reported Sunday bring her county’s positive tally to 190. The county has recorded six deaths. 

Three local counties each saw an increase of one confirmed case of COVID-19 on Sunday. Marion County added one case to now total 15. Morris County added one to total nine. Camp County added one to total seven. 

Throughout the 25-county East Texas region, 34 more positive cases were added Sunday, totaling 1,320 cases, up from 1,286 on Saturday. With the added death in Harrison County, the East Texas toll now stands at 43.  

 MARSHALL, Tx. (KTAL/KMSS) – mLife Diagnostics LLC in Marshall has developed an oral coronavirus testing kit. 

“An individual virus particle is by itself inert, and by most definitions, it is not even alive. And while it appears to be capable of “living” on surfaces for some time, it does so only in the same sense that a nanoscopic lump of salt can also do so.  What remains for far too long is its Trojan horse message; the virus itself is just a set of instructions—a strand of RNA, encoded within a protein- and lipid-rich capsule, a tiny packet of Information-bearing crystallinity…

“When that information gets into one of our lung cells, the cells mistakenly make more copies of the virus; it begins to replicate. Each new virus can then go on to act as its own agent of destruction, each making further copies, analogous to the power of an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction. This replicative cascade—viruses both within an individual and then from one person to the next—is the basic principle of exponential growth: the rate of increase in virus number is proportional to the viral number—more makes more—a recipe for a mind-boggling acceleration into an increasingly “different” world.“

…COVID-19 is not the first pandemic, and it will not be the last. But it should be the last fought with a fragmented army, unready for a steely battle with invisible but morbidly persistent enemies.”

Genetic Engineering Could Make a COVID-19 Vaccine in Months Rather Than Years

This is a very readable and short Scientific American Vaccine article that makes me think I might finally almost understand vaccines. The various types of vaccines and their problems are presented in an understandable fashion. This is a nice piece of writing with great graphics as well. JH

Flow chart outlines the steps of vaccine development, from isolating a virus particle to creating a chemical serum and testing for safety and efficacy    
George W. Bush Video

2020/05/03/former-president-george-w-bush-posts-video-message-about-covid-/ Covid statistics that may surprise you. This site can keep you busy for hours. The Covid-19 Riddle: Why Does the Virus Wallop Some Places and Spare Others?

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