mLife True COVID-19 Testing Opportunity

[Marshall, Texas, May 13, 2020]

mLife, a privately held company in Marshall, has launched the mLife True device from concept to production within 30 days.  It is a coronavirus test kit, which is designed to be used anywhere, without a medical practitioner. It has a vial and a special preservative, and the specimen is delivered the next day to a lab with a capped bottle (resolving potential leak problems with other collectors). The current test is for detection of the virus based on viral RNA detection.  Antibody tests using the mLife True kit are under development. Results are expected within about twenty-four hours.  Working in Marshall, mLife heard the call for “back to work,” and this kit suits this application. 

The City of Marshall Cradle of Entrepreneurship program is designed to grow business from incubations to accelerators and finally thriving companies. This new program is assisting mLife in the recruitment of testing subjects as a component of the Cradle program, and helping mLife collect data for submission to the FDA as part of the approval process for an at-home kit. The ideal setting for initial testing is a group facility with a Registered Nurse or medical officer who has prescribed nasal swabs for likely symptomatic positives, and who are willing to try the much-less-invasive mLife True oral swab as a confirmation test. Then, mLife will provide funding for the lab testing of the prescribed nasal swabs and the mLife oral swabs at the same time.

Through this initiative, mLife hopes to make more coronavirus testing available to the market as soon as possible, and the city would like to make this one of the first successes of our Cradle program.

Visit for more information. To register your facility’s interest in free testing participation, please contact Stormy Nickerson, City of Marshall Communications Coordinator, at (903) 934-7995.

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