By George Smith

I have taught various management courses in adjunct positions for more than 25 years at various colleges and universities in three states.

I started researching and writing about politics in 1966 and for more than 50 years have seen and reported on the activities, actions and abominations of hundreds of politicians at all levels of the political  spectrum.

That does not mean I am an expert in business or politics, just that I have experience in research and writing about topics in those areas.

Look at this list:






Attacks perceived foes on personal level.

Makes wild accusations based on whims, not evidence

Lacks empathy.


Impatient to a fault.

Will not read important documents and reports.

Ignorant on many subjects directly connected to the job.

Believes “gut” over acclaimed experts.

There is no way that a person with this extensive list of faults could be selected as CEO of a major company or be elected to any public office. Yet, Donald J. Trump embraces all of these negative traits and was elected president.

Via frequent tweets, Trump brags about his prowess as a manager and leader even as he is daily giving historians ammunition to declare him the most divisive, abrasive m, corrosive and corrupt president in U.S. history.

Why do do many people follow this man with a cult-like fervor? 

To some, it boils down to a one-issue situation, i.e., abortion or immigration or the perceived need for religious freedom.

To others, Trump is seen as a leader in the white supremacy movement;m, the white-is-right believers that has abject racism as their core mantra.

And, a slice of his supporters sing his praises simply because he is seen as an outlier, someone from outside the political area whom they thought would hear their frustration and create change.

Trump has brought change: Regulations  that protected workers, the environment and the animal population have been gutted; public lands are being raped by big businesses who donate campaign funds to Trump; racist tension is back to the 1960’s level, with distrust between police and the people they are sworn to protect increasing exponentially and with protests and riots becoming along racial lines more commonplace.

This president has made sure to cut ties with longtime foreign allies, alienating friendly nations while cozying up to dictators, despots and third world strongmen.

He has not hidden the fact that he wants to dismantle any program from the Obama Administration, simply because he is piqued by the former president’s constant popularity and the fact Obama has more Twitter followers.

We are stuck with this petulant degenerate and will wake up every day wondering what new hell our president perpetuated via tweet overnight.

We are stuck through election day. Trump’s antics, incompetencies, malignant actions and benign neglect of traditional protocol will be a part of history. His supporters’ stated reasons for kowtowing to his bizarre and corrosive whims will also be examined by history’s prolific authors.

The final stories on leader and his cultish followers will be brutal. Count on it.


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