Marshall Officers Answer The Call

[Marshall, Texas, May 14, 2020]

[Marshall, Texas] Positive Police-Community relationships can often become clouded by speeding tickets or arrest warrants. Still, one Marshall mother is proud to call attention to the vital work of the Marshall Police Department to assist her family in need during the COVID-19 stay at home orders.

Ms. Tawana Brown-Robinson is the mother of a 29-year-old son with special needs. Ms. Brown-Robinson stated, “my son had become agitated as he wants to ride his bus and enjoy the friendship of others, but he doesn’t understand that COVID-19 keeps us at home. He became very anxious, and I needed to call for police assistance due to his strength.”

Ms. Brown-Robinson gave testimony to the positive, caring interaction between her family and Officers Joshua Whitaker and Timothy Sipes of the Marshall Police Department. She shared, “when Officers Whitaker and Sipes arrived at my home, they were so professional. After talking to me, they spoke to my son in a calm tone. Days later, Officers Whitaker and Sipes made another visit to my home to check on the health of my son and ensure he was able to take his medication. When people expect negative interactions with police, it is a blessing to see their care for my family and neighborhood.”

Marshall Police Chief Cliff Carruth shared, “the actions of Officers Whitaker and Sipes are a prime example of Marshall’s commitment to building relationships within our community. The officers performed their duties during the initial call and then remained visible in the lives of the Brown-Robinson family by checking on the health and well-being of her son at a later date. This week is National Police Week. We are proud of these officers for their focus on collaboration with citizens, being visible in our city, and improving the competency of our department to serve individuals with special needs.”

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