By George Smith

Meanwhile, while we are getting goid at isolating, let’s take a hard look at reality.

Reality 1: The debt and deficit are at record levels, thanks to the Trump/GOP tax cuts, which made the rich  richer, big companies more profitable and allowed top management to get record big bonuses.

Reality 2: With the debt and deficit at already record levels in 2017, cutting taxes only increased the debt and  deficit, as did borrowing money for stimulus money. 

Reality 3: Trickle-down economics has never worked and never will.

Reality 4: The unemployment figure, thanks to the pandemic, slow response by the federal government and chaotic response on all fronts when the problem was finally acknowledged, is approaching that of the Great Depression. 

Reality 5: With millions out of work, less income taxes (much less!) are being collected.

Reality 6: The bipartisan stimulus money had enough loopholes and negligible oversight to guaranteed a big slice of the funds went to BIG businesses, BIG farmers and BIG special interest firms and GOP donors.

Reality 7: Money for pressing needs for American citizens — rural health care, fragile bridges across the nation and highway infrastructure.— will be non-existent because of realities listed above.

Reality 8: This administration and its party faithful are  more concerned about stock market numbers  and election poll numbers than in saving lives.

Reality 9: The officials of the Trump regime are more concerned about kowtowing to the president than in doing the right thing for the citizens of this nation and the world.

Reality 10: This president and his pride of lackeys will go down in history as the most unconscionable, corrupt, unempathetic, and malignantly ignorant administration in this nation’s history.

Reality 11: What else should we expect when the country is in the hands of a sixth-grade  bully who enjoys publicly ridiculing anyone who disagrees with him with derogatory nicknames — Fat Jerry, Pocahontas l, Sleepy Joe, Little Marco, etc. — and who is the definitive expert on every subject from space travel to the stock market to response to a pandemic and the proper treatments and medicines with which to combat it to the psychology of male/female relationships.

Looking with a non-critical eye, there are those who claim this country is blessed.

Reality 12: And, with those citizens, President Trump is well pleased.

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