By George Smith

If you did not watch the Trump Show on Fox News Sunday night, you missed:

— An adjective-laden, discombobulated rantfest where the president consistently showed his inability to answer a question directly.

— Trump put on display his PhD level ability to deflect the most simple question and either turn it into an attack on Barack Obama, China, Democrat governors or the media.

— Twisted the U.S. coronavirus death
numbers (68,000-plus) as a positive number rather than as an indictment  of this administration’s numerous missteps, l miscalculations and initial slow response.

— Repeatedly lied about actions taken or not taken relating to the pandemic.

— Was superficially off-putting by responding to one distraught woman who was getting evicted by simply stated she would “get a better job.”

The level of his empathy to the death toll, to the cries of help from states, first responders and hospitals is somewhere two digits south of zero.

 He is, in a word, an embarrassment, a national disgrace, a clown who is not funny, a political Pennywise who is deviously evil in action, word and deed.

Anyone who still supports this rumbling, bumbling fool has a full share stake in that embarrassment.

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