By Deloris Munden

As I was having my morning tea and catching up on social media I came across another situation where someone had found dogs or cats in a ditch or under a building starving to death, mangled, perhaps used as bait dogs, or shot. It is just normal for Marshall. Fortunately, there is at least one private citizen who cares and has given all of her resources to fight this terrible disregard for life that seems to be so prevalent in Harrison County.

Another method of discarding unwanted animals is to drop them off at the Marshall Animal Shelter so the employees can kill them. This is one area where we can hold our head high and stand proud because we have one of the HIGHEST KILL RATES in the of Texas. What does that say about us?

A group of supporters for construction of a new shelter has held fundraisers, given donations, and appeared at City Commission meetings trying to raise awareness of our plight only to have a few people prepare a petition and gather signatures to put an item on the November which will delay the construction of a new animal shelter for years if not for ever.

This is probably the goal of these people…after all why build a shelter when you can throw dogs in a ditch or cats in a dumpster.

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Irana’s 17 years in Russian Gulags


Jerry Kenney is a travel writer in Northern California. He is a frequent traveler. He has been on all the seven continents and visited 100s of countries in every parts of the world.

In 1941, Lithuania was a nation of 2.2 million citizens located on the Baltic Sea between Poland and the Soviet Union. It was an extremely dangerous place to live as Irana and her family quickly learned.

The Soviets had occupied Lithuania and established a repressive totalitarian regime. Stalin`s cruel directive to his occupying forces was “There will be a Lithuania, but without Lithuanians!” Two thousand “political activists” were arrested, twelve thousand “enemies of the people” were imprisoned, and seventeen thousand Lithuanians were deported to Siberia where they experienced inhumane treatment in forced labor camps.

Thirteen year-old Irana and her mother were arrested on June 15, 1941, put into a railroad car, and deported to a gulag located in a forested mountain area of southern Siberia. During their first winter in Siberia, Irana`s mother died from exposure to the extreme cold. Later, Irana learned that the Soviets had executed her father because he was an officer in the Lithuanian Army.

On June 22, 1941, the German Army invaded Lithuania and quickly drove the Soviet Army out of the country. At first, some Lithuanians had welcomed the Germans as “liberators” for freeing them from the repressive Soviet regime, and some even joined the Germans in fighting the Red Army. However, the Germans had not come to free the Lithuanians; they had come to seize men, supplies, and materiel to strengthen their forces for their invasion of the Soviet Union.

During the spring of 1942, Irana and a group of girls and women prisoners were transferred to a gulag at the mouth of the Lena River on the Arctic Ocean. Irana had traveled 6,000 miles by train during her captivity. The group was assigned the task of unloading US war materiel and food from small Russian boats that ferried cargo from American ships anchored in deep water to the port. Long hours and physically demanding work in the extreme cold led to exhaustion; diseases were rampant, prisoners were malnourished, physical abuse was widespread, and many prisoners succumbed. Stalin`s plan was to work the prisoners to death. He had some, but not complete, success.

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Hiking Canyon X — Navajo Indian Reservation near Page AZ


by Stephen Ausherman — photography by Ron Munden

All I know is, I have to explore this mysterious slot dubbed Canyon X.

Something about the narrow depths of slots offers a kind of intimacy with nature that often gets lost in grander canyons. Lately, more and more travelers seem to appreciate this fact as they flock to popular draws like Buckskin, the longest slot canyon, and Antelope, the most photographed.

Innumerable slot canyons cut through the northern Arizona desert, but gaining access poses its challenges. For one, entries are often too steep for hikers without ropes and gear. Another, many slots slice through Navajo land. Exploring the terrain here requires permission, which can be difficult to obtain.

Such was the case for a particularly stunning slot on Navajo land. Harley Klemme, whose aunt owned the grazing rights, wanted to share its splendor with visitors, but feared too many would spoil the experience. He compromised by offering exclusive access to small groups.

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Tropea – April 28 – 31, 2018 – Tropea, Italy


Due to our unexpected sight seeing tour around Mt. Etna this morning we arrived in Tropea after 8:00 pm.  Normally this wouldn’t have been a big issue but we had no room reservation.  Neither of us was for pitching the tent and using our sleeping bags.

I pulled over to the side of the road: (a) in front of us was a restaurant, (b) then a pedestrian only street, (c) then a one-way street coming at us, (d) people everywhere and (e) did I mention we had been on the road for ten hours and it was dark like in night dark.

Of course we were illegally parked.  However, unlike the U.S. no one honked at us.  Most likely they assumed it was an Italian driver driving the Texas licensed 4Runner and everyone knows Italians only park where it is illegal!

Long story short on our second try we found a great place to stay.  OK, it was on the second floor or three flights up and outside of the high side of our lodging budget but it is now 8:45 and we want a room.

The following morning after a great breakfast we went exploring.  The views were great but damn I forgot my binoculars.

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A Survivor’s Story


Editor’s note: iEXPOSED.us welcomes Jerry Kenney to our growing list of contributors. Mr. Kenney is a travel writer in Northern California. He is a frequent traveler. He has been on all the seven continents and visited 100s of countries in every parts of the world.

Shortly after 8:00 am on a warm sunny summer day, 15-year-old Lee rode his bicycle past a domed government building toward a shop where he worked near the city’s main railroad station. Ten minutes later as he arrived at work, Lee saw a brilliant flash of light. Because his country was at war he immediately fell to the ground, covered his eyes, and plugged his ears with his fingers.

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By Ron Munden – July 23, 2018

Sometimes names can be deceptive. This appears to be one of those times.

It appears that there are people in Marshall still trying to derail the animal shelter. I recently learned that there is a “PETITION TO PLACE THE MARSHALL ANIMAL SHELTER AND INFRASTRUCTURE ON THE NOVEMBER 2018 BALLOT” being circulated by a group ironically calling itself Citizens for a Better Marshall.

I don’t know who is pushing the petition. Based on the documents I have, the only two names are “Eric J Neal” and “Leo Morris”.

The only Eric J Neal I know is a realtor and the ex-city commissioner that was defeated in his run for a second term for the city commission in 2017.

The Leo Morris I know ran for the city commission in 2017 and was defeated.

I have said that those trying to delay the animal shelter are trying to “Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory”. Just a guess but maybe these two gentlemen are trying to pull off another defeat.

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By Billy Bob Ray – billybob@outlook.com

Yesterday I was very disappointed about My President’s conduct when meeting with Putin in Finland. He acted like a wimp.

I was sure My President would stand toe to toe with Putin and tell him “How the cow ate the cabbage.” Instead it was lip to toe and My President complimented Putin on his boots.

I must admit I was in a bad state of mind as the sun went down last night. I had lost faith in My Leader. Could he really be a Wimp?

As I went to bed I prayed to God to clear my mind and make me whole again. God answered my prayers.

In the middle of the night Sean Hannity came to me and said the calming words, “Hillary made him do it.” Suddenly it was all clear — the Clinton’s were to blame. How could I have missed My President’s secret message. He kept mentioning Hillary’s server.

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