By Ron Munden — ron@easttexasexposed.com — August 22, 2018

Only in Marshall
Where else would a city government hire a consultant to write a business plan for a major facility and agree to pay the person $125/hour for their work without reviewing similar projects that the consultant completed in the past 5 years?

During a working meeting after the draft business plan was submitted to the city, the City Commissioners were surprised to hear that the city’s consultant had never developed a business plan before taking on this assignment.

You don’t always get what you pay for
When you pay $125/hour you should expect a professional high-quality product. Marshall did not get that, but you can’t expect someone to hit a home run on their first time at bat. You should expect City staff and the City Commissioners to be better guardians for the city’s money.

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The 1970s — California Nudes


The 1970s — California Nudes

By Ron Munden

WARNING: This gallery contains photos of nude women. I don`t understand why but if you think you might be offend by these images please leave this page immediately.

Editor`s note:
Recently I was cleaning out my office and found these prints. I scanned them and decided to post them as part of my walk down memory lane.

These images were taken between 1972 and 1975. During that time, I sold photographs in parks, malls, and on street corners. For me the two best selling categories of photos were nature shots and female nudes. So, a couple of times each year I would hire a model or trade her for a portfolio. Fortunately in the Bay Area there were lots of people looking for a portfolio.

These are a few of the remaining photos from those shoots.

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