Villa Romana del Casale (Roman Country Villa) – April 26, 2016 – Sicily, Italy


By Tom Allin

We got off to a relative early start this morning in spite of the typical Italian doubleparked car that almost had me hemmed in. With Edmund giving me directions I
backed out with an inch of open air on each side of the 4Runner.

It was a scenic two-hour drive to Villa Romana del Casale in central Sicily. The Villa
Romana del Casale is considered to contain the best in-situ Roman mosaics in the
world and is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As some have already
deduced all you have to do is say Roman mosaics and Nancy and I are off to see them
no matter where they are located. The Roman mosaics are an art form I knew
nothing about until we began seeing them in Italy and the two of us immediately fell
in love with them.

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