By Deloris Munden

As I was having my morning tea and catching up on social media I came across another situation where someone had found dogs or cats in a ditch or under a building starving to death, mangled, perhaps used as bait dogs, or shot. It is just normal for Marshall. Fortunately, there is at least one private citizen who cares and has given all of her resources to fight this terrible disregard for life that seems to be so prevalent in Harrison County.

Another method of discarding unwanted animals is to drop them off at the Marshall Animal Shelter so the employees can kill them. This is one area where we can hold our head high and stand proud because we have one of the HIGHEST KILL RATES in the of Texas. What does that say about us?

A group of supporters for construction of a new shelter has held fundraisers, given donations, and appeared at City Commission meetings trying to raise awareness of our plight only to have a few people prepare a petition and gather signatures to put an item on the November which will delay the construction of a new animal shelter for years if not for ever.

This is probably the goal of these people…after all why build a shelter when you can throw dogs in a ditch or cats in a dumpster.

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