Mt. Etna – April 28, 2018 – Sicily, Italy



By Tom Allin

Edmund knocked on our door early this morning to let us know they were off to the
airport and on to the Italian Adriatic Sea Coast. We weren’t up as early as these two
but I think we out of the hotel and on our way by 10:00 am.
Our plan was to drive along the coast to Messina, take the ferry to Villa San Giovanni,
and follow the coast north to Tropea. All went well for the first 45 minutes. Then
Google Maps told me to leave the highway which I thought strange but it has happen
before and sometimes with good results. I was a little slow in recognizing we are:
(a) no longer along the coast, (b) the road is only two lanes, and (c) Mt. Etna is no
longer on my left but more straight ahead.

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