A Survivor’s Story


Editor’s note: iEXPOSED.us welcomes Jerry Kenney to our growing list of contributors. Mr. Kenney is a travel writer in Northern California. He is a frequent traveler. He has been on all the seven continents and visited 100s of countries in every parts of the world.

Shortly after 8:00 am on a warm sunny summer day, 15-year-old Lee rode his bicycle past a domed government building toward a shop where he worked near the city’s main railroad station. Ten minutes later as he arrived at work, Lee saw a brilliant flash of light. Because his country was at war he immediately fell to the ground, covered his eyes, and plugged his ears with his fingers.

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2 thoughts on “A Survivor’s Story

  1. A touching story that shows how strong the human spirit can be in the face of extreme adversity. We are forgetting how painful it was for the world to achieve peace.


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