The Leaves are Falling Josey’s is Calling


 When it comes to barrel racing the work never stops, which is why barrel racers from across the country are headed to the Josey Ranch in Marshall, Texas. Home of legendary World Champions R.E. and Martha Josey students are coming to learn from these champions right in their backyard.

Coming from nine different states, over 160 students and their families will be attending clinics at the Ranch in the next two weeks. Students will be working on barrel racing techniques, training methods, and learning how to practice perfect with R.E., Martha, and their impeccable staff in the Fall and Thanksgiving Barrel Racing Clinics November 19-21 and November 26-28.

“We love teaching students all year, but the fall and thanksgiving clinics are always a little special,” explained Martha’s nephew and Josey instructor Gary Arthur. “We have taught thousands of students in the last 54 years, and they have all become part of the Josey Family. When we get to see returning students around the holiday times it’s a special experience, not to mention meeting new students and adding to the ranch family. They love coming to beautiful East Texas!”

Along with R.E., Martha, and Gary, the Josey Ranch has a very talented staff that works through the Ranch year-round to teach the future generation of barrel racers. Many of the staff members not only live in Marshall but drive in from across Texas and Louisiana. The staff includes Ty and Lisa Mitchell, Terry Thomas, Pamella Randall, Suvoy and Cheryl Rosser, Ashley Schenck, Elaine Lambino, Whitney Bettis, Marj Dahle, Micah Sebranke, Keely Henry, Luke Cruze, and Haley Coleman.

The Josey Ranch is always open to the public to offer shopping in the Josey Western Store, lunch at the concession stand, or family-friendly fun watching the barrel racers train through the clinics.  

Photo of Martha Josey teaching a student in the main arena.

Photo of Gary Arthur teaching a student in the main arena. 


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