Feds find true cause of the February blackouts

Tomlinson: Feds find true cause of the February blackouts, Texas officials deflect blame

Houston Chronicle

Federal investigators have revealed how recklessly unprepared natural gas suppliers triggered 58 percent of the power outages during the February freeze, proving once again that Texas officials are misleading the public.

The 300-page report released by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission verifies what University of Texas at Austin experts reported in July. Texans did not spend four days in the cold without electricity due to a paperwork snafu, as then-chair of the Texas Railroad Commission Christi Craddick claimed at a legislative hearing.

The real culprits were natural gas facilities that froze and failed to deliver fuel to power plants, triggering a deadly, four-day crisis. In July, I demanded that Craddick withdraw her slander against electricity companies and crack down on the natural gas industry she regulates.

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