Response To Feedback From A Reader

Response To Feedback From A Reader

By Ron Munden — 11/25/2021

Last week I posted an article by George Smith titled: Opinion: Lady Justice Bares Her Butt.  The article began:

Lady Justice climbed down from her stripper pole, threw her purple boa and matching garter belt and  sequined thong into the cheering throng and bared her bare buttocks to the entire world.

A few days later I got feedback from a reader in the form of a text message from a phone number I did not recognize.  The text said:

Why do you keep posting articles from George Smith?  He thinks he is so cute!

These are valid questions and I feel that I owe my readers an explanation so let’s get started.

First let me address the question — Is George Smith cute?

I googled “George Smith” and found 53 pictures of him on the internet.  I have reviewed the complete set and I must admit — George is pretty damn cute, particularly when he wears his hair longer.

Now.  Why would I post an article by George Smith?  The answer is very simple. One – I believe in freedom of the press and Two – I don’t believe in censorship.

People have criticized me for posting certain articles for almost 15 years now.  They have a right to criticize me as much as they like.  They are also encouraged to submit feedback articles.  

I don’t believe in censorship.  My policy has always been that I will publish any article as long as the person signs the article and provides me with contact information such as an email address.

While I reserve the right to not print an article,  I have only done that once.  But, I will add editors comments when the content of the article contains well established factually inaccurate information — sometimes called lies.

So Mr. Reader — I post George Smith’s articles because he is cute and he follows the guideline for this publication.


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