Response To Feedback From A Reader

Response To Feedback From A Reader

By Ron Munden — 11/25/2021

Last week I posted an article by George Smith titled: Opinion: Lady Justice Bares Her Butt.  The article began:

Lady Justice climbed down from her stripper pole, threw her purple boa and matching garter belt and  sequined thong into the cheering throng and bared her bare buttocks to the entire world.

A few days later I got feedback from a reader in the form of a text message from a phone number I did not recognize.  The text said:

Why do you keep posting articles from George Smith?  He thinks he is so cute!

These are valid questions and I feel that I owe my readers an explanation so let’s get started.

First let me address the question — Is George Smith cute?

I googled “George Smith” and found 53 pictures of him on the internet.  I have reviewed the complete set and I must admit — George is pretty damn cute, particularly when he wears his hair longer.

Now.  Why would I post an article by George Smith?  The answer is very simple. One – I believe in freedom of the press and Two – I don’t believe in censorship.

People have criticized me for posting certain articles for almost 15 years now.  They have a right to criticize me as much as they like.  They are also encouraged to submit feedback articles.  

I don’t believe in censorship.  My policy has always been that I will publish any article as long as the person signs the article and provides me with contact information such as an email address.

While I reserve the right to not print an article,  I have only done that once.  But, I will add editors comments when the content of the article contains well established factually inaccurate information — sometimes called lies.

So Mr. Reader — I post George Smith’s articles because he is cute and he follows the guideline for this publication.


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Feedback – 2020

Welcome to the EastTexasExposed/iExposed feed back for 2020.

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By George Smith

As major milestones in life approach, it’s been my style, so to speak, to do a personal inventory of…me.

Who am I? What have I done? What have I done that has been worthwhile, that has contributed to the betterment of the community at large?

I have been a part of amazing and worthwhile developments: Jason, Mattie, Brandie, Cameron are my proudest co-accomplishments.

But on a more earthly, human level, I am a writer. I must write to truly feel alive.

I write because I must, because the thoughts that swirl inside need freedom. That does not mean I am personally Trump-proud of the words that flow or that I want readers to heed my words as the Gospel According to St. George. To me, writing is an addictive obsession, a harbinger calling to read, research, analyze, think.

I have never written a single, focused phrase (or blurred one, for that matter) trying to change anyone’s mind. Ever.

But if any words that have ever passed  through my fingers caused one person  to truly “think” about their situation, belief or preference, then I believe I have accomplished something worthwhile.

Too many people today do not think, being content to be in the lemming-clan, kowtowing to mass-think, relieved to be released from the tiring process of reading, researching, analyzing, and thinking.

As my 75th birthday closers in, I thank God I never fell into the trap of just reacting and following the herd and … not expressing my hopes, dreams, opinions and beliefs in a straightforward manner, warts and all.

At this time in my life, all is good.

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Feedback 2019

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Feedback for the week – 12/16/2018

Marshall Texas Financial Reserves Under Funded

12/20/2018 — Will Ryan Fason — facebook
☝️☝️ yes, where will half a million be found that wasn’t there. Magic tricks with wands & tophats!

“Papa was so proud he couldn’t talk, just smiled….. cause everyone knows, 5 is greater than 1”

12/18/2018 — Julie Richey — facebook
They can’t fix it. It’s all broken

12/20/2018 — Randy Reeves — facebook
Glad I moved….

F$&(ing unbelievable…

12/20/2018 — Shawne Brophy Somerford — facebook
I can’t wait to hear how the Mayor is going to make sure we find 500,000 to cover our short fall before the end of the year. Get out and spend people!

12/20/2018 — Will Ryan Fason — facebook
And worth the question …. is the Animal Shelter portion in reserves Gone!!???!?!

12/18/2018 — Will Ryan Fason — facebook
Well Well Well Look who spent your $$$$$

So in case you weren’t paying attention, or worried about who didnt get a job promotion, maybe Take Note of this.

Reserves Went from Excess to Lacking in a very short time. Financial stewards some of these are not.

There’s an old saying…….

“Always watch where the money goes”. Havent you heard it before? (Oh yeah, I’m sure somebody said something about this 😄)

12/20/2018 — Tyler Watson — facebook

12/20/2018 — Bertha Maples — facebook
Memorial hall?????

12/20/2018 — Don Parks — facebook
Just print some more cash!!

12/20/2018 — Heath Parker — facebook
Sounds like the Commissioners are doing a great job!!!

12/20/2018 — Linda Coker — facebook
Let the games begin!!

12/20/2018 — Sheila Harber Watson — facebook

12/20/2018 — David Granger — facebook
I would say that I’m shocked, but I am not.

12/18/2018 — Will Ryan Fason — facebook
Who would have ever known?

Uncertain Christmas Parade

12/18/2018 — Jan — text message
Great photos.

12/18/2018 — anonymous — text message
Sounds like you had skin in the game.

Feedback for the Week – 12/02/2018

A long-time coming: Wiley College president set to graduate from JSU’s executive doctoral program, continues to beat odds
12/08/2018 — anonymous — phone message
 This is very impresive.

12/07/2018 — JR — phone message
 Interesting. How does this compare to last year?

Cost of construction management services for Memorial City Hall 
12/06/2018 — anonymous — text message
 It is very disappointing that the city commissioners would let this happen. Maybe it is time to elect some new city commissioners.

Halliday: One Man’s Quest to Abolish Slavery 
12/04/2018 — anonymous — text massage
Thank you for publishing Doc Halliday’s articles they are always so interesting

Cost of construction management services for Memorial City Hall 
12/02/2018 — David Granger — facebook
 Good ol’ boy politickin’. Isn’t it kind of unethical for anyone on the city staff to get paid for these kinds of things?

Cost of construction management services for Memorial City Hall 
12/02/2018 — Peggy Byassee — facebook
KSLA, KTBS, KTAL, KMSS and KLTV have investigative reporters. We need more sunlight.

Cost of construction management services for Memorial City Hall 
12/02/2018 — Leo Morris — facebook
If this information is accurate, I find the financial matter to be a bit disturbing

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Feedback for the Week – 11/25/2018

City to postpone lighted Christmas parade to December 2 because of weather concerns
11/30/2018 — parade goer — text message
The city constantly changing the date for the Christmas parade is confusing to the public. It is understandable that they moved the parade from Saturday because of the football playoff game. However when they made that decision there was an 80% chance of rain on Friday. Why didn’t they just change the date to Sunday December 2nd at that point?

Cost of construction management services for Memorial City Hall 
11/29/2018 — anonymous — text massage
This renovation has been a disaster from the start.  It just keeps getting worse.

Cost of construction management services for Memorial City Hall 
11/28/2018 — anonymous — text massage
I thought that the city was going to save money by being it own construction manager. It looks like they actually are spending more money. Where is the extra money going to come from?

Your New Feedback System
11/28/2018 — anonymous — text message
I love your new feedback system. I particularly like the ability to use text messaging to provide my feedback. Good work.

Outstanding New Addition To Your Website
11/27/2018 — anonymous — phone call I am very very pleased with the addition of a verbal feedback system for the website.
What a very very clever idea. Thank you.

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