By Ron Munden
November 1, 2020

The first thing I did after posting the story about Dr. Kelehan and the Texas Medical Board’s decision was to write an email to a friend.  It said:

“I have known about this for 9-months.  Every day I hoped it was not true, but I knew there was audio and video to prove it true.”

A short time later he replied:

“This is one of the saddest stories I have read in a very long time.  We have been patients since we moved to Marshall.  We have always thought how lucky we were to have Dr. K as our doctor.  What more can I say, “So very sad.”

As I normally do with articles, I went on facebook and posted a link to the article.  I expected people to respond.  Here are a few of the responses**:

“Ron very disappointed in your handling of this, first I do not believe anything George Smith says,I believe he has been the one pushing this the whole time,by the way you are innocent until proven guilty”

“Why the hell do you get a thrill of putting other people’s business on social media. I myself support dr kelehan. But you will one day reap what you sow.”

“You and George are both Cancers for our city which you seem to hate. I would say, why don t you leave Marshall, but George Smith left decades ago but cannot keep from being a cancer to our city.”

I am not surprised by these comments and I fully support peoples’ rights to make remarks on facebook.

Dr. Kelehan is one of the most liked people in Marshall.

I have known Dr.Kelehan and his wife since they moved to Marshall. I worked with his wife doing photography and advertising the entire time she owned Under the Texas Sun.  Later I did photography work for Dr. Kelehan when he opened Access Family Health.  I have always liked him and despite what has happened I still do.

That being said, I make no apology for posting the article.  The Texas Medical Board’s findings is news, and it is media’s responsibility to publish that news and make it available to the public. 

For 10 years, I have posted good news stories and bad news stories.  On several occasions I have posted stories that I wished I did not have to post but I posted them because I believe it is media’s responsibility to publish all of the news, not to censor the news.

To meet that commitment, I have a policy that I will print anyone’s Letter to the Editor if it is signed and does not contain known lies.  That policy is still in place and I encourage anyone to submit letters.

I am pleased that both KMHT and the Marshall News Messenger have chosen to report on this story. That is what media should do.

Finally. Yes, this is a very sad story.  There are no victors only losers, but this is a story that must be told.

**Editor’s note:

I posted the social media communications I received exactly as I received them. Nothing was altered including words, spelling, etc.

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3 thoughts on “A VERY SAD STORY

  1. I find all of this mess is just evil. Nobody is talking about how this whole mess is effecting his patients and his family. The people who are so adamant about him going down andfeel like they need seek revenge on him need to realize how it doesn’t just effect Dr. Kelehan, it effects his family and all his patients. Many of us fear that we will have to start from scratch with a whole new doctor. He is a very good doctor!!! I dont think it was very nice they had to publish him saying he had sexual relations with that man. I’m sure that was horribly embarrassing for not only him, but for his family as well. The jury did not indict him so the way I see it his private sex life should be kept private.


  2. I agree. I have used Shaun and his brother Shane for a long time now. They are the best doctors ive ever had, and when i first met Shaun, one of the things i lived about him was how comfortable i felt talking to him. He took time to listen to what i had to say, heard how i felt about certain meds, that i did or did not want to take and cared genuinely about everything going on in my life that could effect my health. Thats hard to find today. Most rush you out and care less of your opinion on your own health. I stand behind Dr. K and his practice and find that it will be a tradgedy should the board remove his license, not only for me, but the surtounding area.


  3. Shaun Kelehan is not a “rapist”. He would never EVER force himself on ANYONE! If you know him, you know this beyond a shadow of a doubt! Wood is a “scorned” individual, who was rejected (after an encounter he agreed to)…..after Kelehan had clarity on the situation. This is simply Wood seeking vengeance for the rejection he received. A”fatal attraction” type situation.
    A really great doctor & wonderful man being crucified. So so sad.


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