Dr. Shaun Kelehan Letter

Editor’s note:
This letter appeared on the Access Heath Systems facebook. Since reades were encouraged to share it on social media, I have taken the liberty of posting it on this website.

To whom it may concern,

My name is Shaun B Kelehan, MD. I have been licensed in Texas for 20 years and have practiced in Marshall for the last 17+ years. I am writing this statement only to protect my staff and my family from any more heartache brought on by the allegations of sexual misconduct reported by a 45 year old male patient (My Patient–MP).

There is much misinformation already on Facebook about this. I will take the highroad and not detail my side of the story because I do not want to reveal information regarding MP that is not already publicly available.

Everything that happened that led to the Texas Medical Board decision on October 28, 2020 occurred prior to April 20 17. In April 2017, I passed a lie detector test 100% to clear my name. A Grand Jury looked into the allegations made by MP to the police against me and determined that no charges should be brought against me. That was in July 2017. Prior to the Grand Jury making its final decision, MP demanded a large sum of money from me in exchange for him dropping his allegations. Since his allegations were 100% false, I refused his attempt at extortion.

The Medical Board panel was made up of two doctors and a public member (not 12 members as falsely reported on someone’s Facebook page). The panel heard testimony from Dr Michael Arambula, an expert witness in forensic psychiatry and sex addictions. He is also the ex-Medical Board president. He spent five hours with me earlier this week before the hearing interviewing me and another five hours hearing the audio tapes and seeing the evidence. He told the panel that he felt after thorough review of the record and my examination that I had not done any of the things MP said I had done, and in fact that it was “highly unlikely” for me to ever do anything like that in the future.

I disagree with the Board’s decision. However, the Board believed in me enough to allow me to continue to see female patients, and I have brought in another physician to see my male patients while I am temporarily unable to see male patients. My clinic remains open for business and I look forward to my clinic continuing care for you as we have since 2003.

I appreciate all of the support my community has given me. I know most, if not all, of you who know me firsthand know that I was not capable of what MP said I did. I write this for you as a thank you for your continued love and support in this matter.It’s almost embarrassing for me to ask for everyone to pray for me yet again. But when you’re doing so, please say an added prayer for all of my perpetrators to find some kind of joy in their lives so they don’t keep going through life trying to ruin the lives of others.

Deepest love to my son who has to go through this with me and to my family and friends in Marshall, Texas. I feel a loss….another hole in my heart that will take time to mend.

All my love,
Shaun Kelehan MD

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