Yesterday, Monday, Harrison County reported 7 new cases, Gregg County 155 new cases, and Smith County had 351 NEW CASES. In TSH AREA G there were 328 cases in area hospitals, 87 of whom were in ICU, and yesterday there were 23 ICU beds available in our area. So, it looks like East Texas is starting up the Covid mountain. 

This  chart shows historical numbers for our area and others. 

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Hosting a safe Thanksgiving celebration this year

J. Harris: A good MNM article.


MDHHS issues three-week epidemic order to save lives, protect frontline heroes during fall COVID-19 surge

Advice for the holiday season: 10 clinicians weigh in

J. Harris: Readable, quick, worthwhile. And you thought I was too cautious?

How to Stop Restaurants from Driving COVID Infections

“In cities worldwide, coronavirus outbreaks have been linked to restaurants, cafes and gyms. Now, a new model using mobile-phone data to map people’s movements suggests that these venues could account for most COVID-19 infections in US cities.

“They found that opening restaurants at full capacity led to the largest increase in infections, followed by gyms, cafes and hotels and motels.

“The mobility data also suggests why people from poorer neighbourhoods are more likely to get COVID-19: because they are less able to work from home, and the stores they visit for essential supplies are often more crowded than in other areas. The average grocery store in poorer neighbourhoods had 59% more hourly visitors per square foot, and visitors stayed on average 17% longer than at stores outside those areas.

“Last month, … published a report showing how a UK government programme called Eat Out to Help Out, in which restaurant meals were subsidized during August, led to a huge surge in restaurant visits and accounted for up to 17% of new COVID-19 infections That month.”

Plano televangelist who linked pandemic to premarital sex dies of COVID-19

The Rev. Irvin Baxter Jr., who suggested the coronavirus pandemic was a warning from God about the “sin of fornication,” died Nov. 3 of complications from COVID-19, his Plano-based ministry announced. He was 75. 

Another joke?


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