Keep It Real

By George Smith

Okay, this is getting out of hand. Keep  it real to be believed.

When Ivanka Trump decided to defend her dad from the resolution approved Thursday by House Democrats formalizing the impeachment process, she relied on former President Thomas Jefferson for help.

The first daughter and White House adviser tweeted a quote from the third president to his daughter Martha about the hazards of life in Washington: 

 “…surrounded by enemies and spies catching and perverting every word that falls from my lips or flows from my pen, and inventing where facts fail them.”

She added, “Some things never change, dad!”

Okay! Whoa! Maybe, just maybe, FDOTUS has a point., Maybe Trump and Jefferson have some similarities.

1. Both stated they wanted to make America great.

2. Both had mistresses.

3. Jefferson owned slaves; Trump makes slaves of followers.

4. Both openly fought with economists and politicians in their terms.

5. Both had a “Muslim” problem.

6. Both were/are extremely impulsive; Jefferson bought “Louisiana” on a whim, Trump wanted to buy Greenland.

7. Both men have been called “the best” and “the worst” that America has to offer. 

8. Behind their facades (or in front of them), both men can be labeled as confirmed “hypocrites” and “racists.”

9. Jefferson had a major problem with Native Americans, mirroring Trump’s problem with immigrants that don’t fit  his image of what America should look like, demographically.

10. Both initiated attacks on the judiciary…for diverse reasons, bit still….

11. Both questioned the legitimacy of a federal judge.

12. Both are of the common thought that Americans are superior in every way from other countries.

And, finally,

13. They have a similar number of body parts and both an IQ. Jefferson was fluent in six languages, including Old  English. Trump has trouble with basic English and thinks Old English is Queen Elizabeth.

See! Ivanka is right.

Solution to overcharging the gummit

By George Smith

No one has asked the question yet, but I’ll answer it anyway: Sure. No problem. Count us in! Ready to get ‘er done!

Yes, to put the rumor to rest, Esteemed Spousal Unit Bobbie Jean and I will be more than happy to house a family of detained immigrants at Bedspring Ridge.  

It has nothing to do with the fact that private start-up detention centers housing thousands of illegal immigrants are getting up to $750 per day per person detained. (At that rate, a family of four costs the taxpayer $21,000 a week or $1,092,000 a year.)

That is a ridiculous amount and my taxes are going to pay for part of that!

We’ll put up a family of four at our home for only $8,252 a week. (That is a bargain basement price of only $343.83 per detainee per day, a saving of $406.17 a day from the fee charged by the price-gouging private companies.

With a one-year federal contract, guaranteeing the same daily rate, we will accept two additional families and pledge to immediately  construct an identical facility with all amenities.

And at no extra charge, we will teach our immigrants English with daily classes (we both are teacher-certified – me in English, writing, business, marketing, Bob in reading, writing and life skills. At no additional charge, our family could include a child with special meeds. BobJean has a degree in special education and I have experience working with children with special needs in sports – soccer, baseball and basketball.

We have 1.25 miles of walking trails at Bedspring Ridge Detention Center for daily  exercise; additional, optional opportunities for exercising include performing gardening tasks, beautifying our pond or removing underbrush with tools of their choice. 

Like many detention centers, the detainees will be able to earn money for work they agree to perform. But unlike many facilities, the BRDC wil pay prevailing state minimum wage, even if it is higher than the federal standard.

“Above all, be fair.” That’s the motto on the crest of our detention center.

Our contract will also attest we will provide them with adequate shower and bath facilities, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste and clean water not out of a toilet tank.

We will guarantee ealthy food prepared and tasting better than in any federal holding facility in the country. 

As an added incentive to make our family of detainees feel at home, we will provide ingredients for a meal from their home country a minimum of two days a week with free use of the detention kitchen.

The feds will only be billed $501,991.80 year, a savings of more than 50 percent.

I know. I know. As patriots and an examples of deficit accountability, we stand tall.

Fellow Americans, you are welcome!

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Guaranteed demo win

By George Smith

Okay, I get it.

There are X-million people who plan to vote against giving President Donald Trump a second term in 2020. Good and dandy; that is not enough to get the job done.

The one predicable item that one can assign to the president is his unpredictability. One cannot surmise what he is going to do because he does not know what he is going to do until he does it.

How do you plan for that?

There is one way and one way only to guarantee that Donald J. Trump is defeated in the November election next year, and it has nothing to do with whom the Democrats decide to nominate.

To make sure his pious, chaotic and disruptive administration ends and that Trump and his COT (Cult of Trump) followers go the way of the wild geese is for a branded-name Republican (are you listening, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio and John Kasich?) to put country over politics and run as an independent.

Listen! You can hear the outcries already!

While such a decision would be harder to contemplate than a granite hemorrhoid, it is just such an action this country needs to stop the hateful acts of violence, startling racial comments and attacks and global economic and fraternal disasters perpetuated by Trump and his cronies.

This country has never seen the likes of Trump, and his mystic hold on so many people who totally disregard his constant lying (and easily provable lies, at that), his use of racist language to stir up his base, his undeniable obsession with “anything Obama” that has led to a decline in programs to enhance the environment, wean the country off dependency on fossil fuels, advancements in education and creating global building blocks of strong allies.

Will anyone leave his or her party to save the country? Probably not, but the 2020 election is too important to leave to a coin toss on election day. A Mitt Romney, for example, could solidify his name in history as an unselfish politician who put his personal priorities on the back burner of history to save his country – and his party – from going down in inglorious flames after an accomplished flim-flam man has driven the GOP wagon into a deep ditch.

In 1992 Texarkana-born Ross Perot ran an independent race for president, garnering 19 percent of the national vote and denying George H.W. Bush a second term. Bill Clinton was elected to the first of two terms on the strength of Perot’s showing.

The billionaire Perot’s main campaign platform plank was the deficit, and in a convoluted way he was successful: The last balanced budget was realized in the Clinton years.

Romney, or Rubio or Kasich or even GOP Sen. Susan Collins, could potentially draw enough support from die-hard Republicans who held their nose and voted for Gropenfuhrer Trump in 2016 to tip the election in 2020 to the Democratic nominee.

A Trump challenge from a third party candidate could focus on any number of issues to make inroads: The ever-rising deficits, the administration’s threat to cut Social Security, the rise of hate crimes, racial and religious incidents. Of course, he or she could point at the daily lies Trump says or tweets, his appointment of cabinet officials totally unqualified for the positions, his embracing dictators and despots with no positive results to show for the flowery praise and kowtowing.

The 2020 election will show the ‘real” United States of America; it will tell us and the world who we are as a people, what we think about civil liberties and freedom to pursue life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Do we need a movie-type hero riding in on a white horse to save the day? What we don’t need is four more years of a former TV villain running his high-stakes scam on 330 million Americans.

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Stray thoughts from the brain pan

By George Smith

Every single person on this planet, now, then and in the future, had/has/will have  something that irritates the unholy hell out of them.

  • Jesus had his moneychangers;
  • Abraham Lincoln had a string of incompetent generals;
  • John Wilkes Booth had Lincoln;
  • Ike Eisenhower had Gen. George S. Patton;
  • Patton became disgusted over perceived weakness of soldiers;
  • Rosa Parks hated sitting in the back of the bus;
  • The U.S. colonists got piqued over taxation without representation, and;
  • I see red over incompetent, pulpit-pounding, blabber-headed politicians and talking hairdos who will do and say anything to get a headline or a verbal salute on cable news.

That is the poignant lead-in to this topic: People I want to shut the hell up!

Al Sharpton had been a go-to spokesman for the black community for decades. He’s gone from obese to ultra-thin but his constant dropping verbal bullets on most people who just happen to be white is so old, it’s moldy.

He lost his daily show on MSNBC because of his focused racism; he now has a weekend show that is a repeat of his thoughts and verbiage from the days he was dogging law enforcement for the 1980s case of the alleged rape of Tawana Brawley, a woman of color. In that instance, Sharpton created a riotous situation by believing a made-up story by a attention-wanting teenager.

His black vs. white rhetoric has caused more harm over the years than it has helped. The fact he is still considered a spokesman to minorities is astounding and dismaying.

Michael Moore was, at one time, a reasoned voice for liberalism and a constant irritant to Big Business and shoddy government tacticx. Now, he’s just a kook with an ancient resume and celebr9ty platform. His documentary films have won awards, created needed changes in corporations, offered up plausible opportunities for perplexing problems.

Now, he is a mere shadow of his former forceful presence; he mouths about darn near anything because of prior celebrity, just like a toothless politician recalling the heydays in the marbled halls of Washington-the-Deficit.

Mitch McConnell has too much power for a genetic defect who believes that his beliefs should come for more than that of a single citizen. He single-handedly killed a bill to protect the 2020 elections from foreign interference. Why? When asked, he gave an answer that blew up the International BS-o-meter: The federal government should not interfere with states’ rights to protect their own elections.

In other words, “Russia, welcome to the election fray! Let’s party like it is 2016.”

Finally, for Donald Trump, Rudy Guliana and Kellyanne Conway it’s past time to realize that every time their mouths open, their tongues waggle in high gear and words slip past their teeth, negative things happen.

Their combined blather has created more animosity toward the party they pretend to embrace, alienated countries that used to be our closest and most reliable allies and widen the ideological abyss that divides this country. There is no way to justify their actions which are undermining the foundations of democracy; their errant, baffling and incomparable words are helping sworn enemies of this nation.

All of you: Just shut up! Please and thank you.

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Words matter AND they can do damage

By George Smith

“Send her back!”

Three words. Eleven letters. 

Just three little words. But words that should strike a note of … what, exactly?

If you a traditional American (you know, a citizen with ancestors that came to this country looking for a new start, to escape persecution or famine or war), chances are you should either be chagrined, angry or sad at those followers of Donald Trump who used those three words at his recent rally in North Carolina.

If your emotional response was a shrug or a “whatever” thought, you are Trump-conditioned, an anomaly of the past three years that affect those that have to look down on someone for some reason, or who believe this is what we have and what we deserve for the 2016 election.

The president’s verbal, extremely personal attacks on U. S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, an American citizen from Minnesota, created an environment of raucous hatred disguised as crowd-mass frivolity at a recent Trump rally.

Call it was it is: A personal attack on an immigrant /refugee who is not a  a what is thought of as a traditional U.S. faith, and a person of color who dresses like few, if any, of our neighbors. The rally goer’s response to Trump’s earlier “Love it or leave” edict to the congresswoman was wrapped in a transparent veil of abject racism.

When confronted with the ugly result and severe backlash from his white nationalist-like statements about the four female progressives, three of whom were born in this country, Trump reverted to his most comfortable political tactic: He lied.

The day after the rally, after, reports indicated, his daughter ivanka and wife Melania, took him behind the proverbial barn for a revelation meeting, he said he tried to stop the chanting by “speaking quickly.” Big lie, that, and easy to ferret out the truth. He stood at the rally podium, trademark smirk in place, basking the the waves of “Send her back!” for 13 seconds.

Here’s where you go: “One Mississippi, two Miss….”  And during of the chanting regimen, he moved his head side to side in rhythm of the words.

By any measurement, he enjoyed the new rendition of “Lock her up!”, his legion’s tribute and rallying cry to Hillary Clinton prior to and even after the 2016 election.

In his most recent rally, Trump got the response he wanted from his minions in COT (Cult of Trump): Adoration in the form of mimicking his thoughts and actions, of picking up on his scattered stray thoughts turned loose from his verbal Mixmaster of words often found on eighth grade spelling tests.

On one level, Trump is a genius. He excels at creating fictional bugaboos and will o’ the wisps that manufacture myriad fears in the very souls of those with a heart susceptible to hate and who have a deep need to belong to…something.

Those that hated Clinton (and politicians in general) were looking for a non-politician who would take up the banner of the tired, the poor, the fearful. Those make up a majority of the 35-40 percent of Americans who avidly and blindly follow the person with a national stage and message of exclusion.

Trump knows what he is doing. He plays every decision to his base via tweet storms and televised rants and through belligerent, bombastic interviews. And, millions absorb every word as if it was a new form of the gospel.

Wait. Trump knows what he is doing? Does he really?

What if one of his edge-of-fringe followers decided to take action to please his master and tried to do harm to one of the four congresswomen who Trump has labeled as not American enough to exist in his country?  What would he do then?

He’d surely follow his pattern after a major misstep, like he did after the white nationalist killed a woman with a car in North Carolina, he would deny anything he said had anything to do with the dastardly deed. And the army of COT would nod and applaud him for whatever it is they think he has done that is good for the country.

This is where we are now. And it’s a sad, sad place in the history of this country.

“If you think he’s a racist, that’s up to you. I don’t!” — Lindsey Graham, just now

“He’s a race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot.” — Lindsey Graham, 2015

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Communication is an art

By George Smith

Communication is an art, like, well, art, you know, painting, acting, sculpting or chain-sawing a realistic bear from a stump. Playing a sport  at the highest level is an art, as is being able to maneuver a car in Dallas rush hour traffic or winning the eternal battle of having a happy marriage through sticktoitiveness and expressing love through actions and words.

Words matter. They define who we would like to be, who we are.

“(Homelessness) a phenomenon that started two years ago. It’s disgraceful. I’m going to, maybe—and I’m looking into it very seriously – we’re doing some other things that  you probably noticed like some of th4 very important things that we’re doing now. But we’re looking at it very seriously, because you can’t do that.”

It may be hard to believe that this is not a line from the movie “One Flew Over the Cockoo’s Nest.” It’s not. It’s one of the more quizzical quotes by the U.S. Communicator in Chief, President Donald Trump.

It is hard to imagine the word salad above came out of the mouth of the nation’s leader; it did, trust me. Or look it up.

How smart people can be born-again members of a cult that follows a leader who makes statements that either: 1. Make no sense; 2. Start and end with obvious lies, or; 3. Refers to himself in the third person or gives himself verbal pats on the back for his intellect, handsomeness or business acumen, eludes me.

Examples of his hair-raising statements in news conference gaggles, speeches and as Twitter fodder:

  • (The action was taken) “despite the negative press covfefe.”
  • The media: “The media is – really, the word, I think one of the greatest terms I’ve come up with – is fake.”
  • 2016 election: “If Abe Lincoln came back to life, he would lose New York and he would lose California.’
  • On immigration: “Why are we having all these people from s—thole countries come here?”
  • On immigration: We’re roundin’ ‘em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. And they’re going to be happy because they want to be legalized. And, by the way, I know it doesn’t sound nice, But not everything is nice,”
  • Women’s rights: “I will be phenomenal to the women. I mean, I want to help women.”
  • Terrorism: “When you see the other side chopping off heads, waterboarding doesn’t sound very severe.”
  • Climate change: “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”
  • Hillary Clinton: “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America?”
  • Intelligence: “Sorry, losers and haters but my IQ is one of the highest, and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure. It’s not your fault.”
  • On First Daughter: “(Ivanka) does have a very nice figure…If she weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”
  • On Trump: “My fingers are long and beautiful, as, it has been well-documented, are various other parts of my body.”
  • Voters: “We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated!”
  • Media and women: “You know, it really doesn’t matter what (members of the media) write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of a–!”
  • War: This is the Trump theory on war: But I’m good at war. I’ve had a lot of wars of my own. I’m really good at war. I love war in a certain way. But only when we win.” (Note: He received five draft deferments due to “bone spurs.”)


  • War: “Why can’t we use nuclear weapons?”

And, finally:

  • Border wall: “I will build a great wall – and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me. And I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.”

Words matter…until an individual decides they don’t. And in the case of Trump, millions of Americans have decided the president’s words and actions  don’t matter, that they will wallow in his message of hate and exclusion and bullyboy tactics and accept them as their own.

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Remember What You Did?

By George Smith

Remember when you were a kid and you got into a dust-up with your best friend. For whatever reason your feelings were hurt. Remember what you did?

If you were like 98.987 percent of children (SWAG, Inc. figure), you went through these steps:

  1. Your ran home, probably shed a few tears, hid away and pouted and damned your “friend” to hell.
  2. After thinking about it for a while, you lashed out, vowing ‘friend” was never your friend, that “friend” was just playing games to win your favor because you were the best friend ever!
  3. Then you got on the phone and told all your other friends that you broke off your friendship and that “friend” was cut out of your life forever for being unfair and not being nice to you.

Fox News recently cut away from a speech being delivered by President Donald Trump shortly after he complained that the network isn’t treating him as fairly as it should.

While talking before the Faith & Freedom Coalition, Trump mentioned that he was watching his “favorite network” recently — and then he went off on a tangent on how this network needed to do a better job of being nice to him.

This is the behavior of a malcontent seventh grader going through the rigors of puberty, not the actions of the President of the United States of America.

Barak Obama was wrung through the news media ringer for his entire eight years in office; not a single day went by that he or members of his family or administration were unapologetically ridiculed, every single misstep blown up to gargantuan proportions, every decision questioned. You know, like President Trump, only the media roles of the news channels were reversed.

President Obama endured the constant onslaught with style, elegance and grace and Trump damns those throwing barbs to hell via Twitter and frequent rants of disconnected topics he finds personally offensive.

Due of the last three years of Trump’s Tweetapocalypse, one would assume that the current president is the Twitter champion of the Earth, having more followers than even Taylor Swift or the Kardashians. Actually the president is 12th on the list, following seven singers, YouTube, a talk show host, a soccer player and a politician.

It is to Trump’s credit that his personal account has accumulated more followers than Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears and Upside Down Bikini, all of whom include poses in bikinis the size of handkerchiefs. He is five spaces ahead in the Twitter cavalcade of posts of CNN, nine ahead of Bill Gates, 12 in front of the ‘fake news’ New York Times, 13ahead of the “other” Chosen One, LeBron James and 50, 51 and 52 places respectively of Kendall Jenner, Adele and Kylie Jenner.

As Yoda would say, “Impressed, I am.”

The fact that his White House Twitter moniker is 69th on the overall list is also impressive; both accounts are way ahead of Hillary Clinton, who stands at No. 76 with 24,737,768 followers.

The fact that only three politicians in the world are in the Top 100 list is impressive indeed…one from India and another one in the United States.

For the record, Trump has 61,519,682 followers; No. 20 on the list is Narendra Modi, India prime minister, has 48,302,819.

No. 1, with 107,612,796 followers is singer Katy Perry. Second on the list is another politician – Barack Obama, with 106,808,055 followers.

Barack Obama? Yes, that Barack Obama.

In the retweeting category, Obama has three of the Top 30; Trump is not in the Top 50. The single tweet with the most “likes” with over three million is a tweet by Obama was about racism in American following the violence in Charlottesville. Additionally, in 2017, Obama had four tweets in the Top 10 in the category of “likes”; Trump’s total: 0.

In the never-ending tweet storm by politicians, there is one Twitter King – former President Barak Obama.

*Note: Tweet followers, likes and retweets totals change daily. These figures from January, 2019.

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The big question for Trump is “WHY?”

By George Smith


It’s the start of a question psychologists will tell you not to ask unless you want to put the person to whom the question is directed into a defensive posture.

Fair enough.

But, president Donald J. Trump and members of his administration have taken actions for the past two-plus years that require…no, demand!…the “Why?” question.


  • Did Trump promise to drain the swamp then appoint unqualified ultra-wealthy people and industry lobbyists (all who donated generously to his campaign) to cabinet positions?
  • Has the president not released his tax records as every other president has done for the past several decades? (And it has nothing to do with any pending audits, as clarified by the Internal Revenue Service.)
  • Is the administration so gung-ho to supply Saudi Arabia with nuclear technology and weapons after that country brutally killed two resident Americans?
  • Did the president’s son-in-law use a common smartphone app in violation of federal regulations to have backdoor conversations with the brutal Saudi prince directly connected to those murders?
  • Does the president stoop to name-calling and shape-shaming rather than conduct himself as a global diplomat and leader of a major global power?
  • Does he engage in the seemingly constant habit of making undeveloped and often hair-brained ideas public and official via tweet that affects government officials and agencies and millions of Americans?
  • Has this administration had more turnover in key positions, from White House staff to cabinet posts, in 29 months than any president has in four years, and most presidents have in two terms?
  • Is the president so enamored with dictators and despots, calling leaders of Russia and China “strong” when those regimes are on record as participating in inhumane treatment of opponents and journalists, including imprisonment and murder?
  • Does the president lie daily, knowing his every word is chronicled and can be easily checked?
  • Are his followers so easily duped by his persona, buying his lies like they come from the lips of a god, rather than from a flim-flam man with a long history of embellishments and falsehoods in business and in life?
  • Do evangelicals praise him a man of faith when he is not religious in the slightest, believes in money and power over all things, has lived a life that is stark contrast to biblical teachings, is a philanderer, adulterer, cheat, fraud…add your own descriptive phases here.
  • Does the president turn his head when one of his chosen cabinet members misuse  public money to create an empirical environment for themselves and then blows up when anyone disagrees with him on any decision?
  • Make a pretense of being a hard-working president when he spends more time in “executive time” (watching TV and watching more TV) and playing golf than any president, including Obama, who Trump berated for playing too much golf.
  • Are millions of tax dollars used to enable Trump’s golfing habits and public money spent at Trump-owned resorts and golf clubs around the country and in Europe?
  • Would Trump embarrass himself and the nation by calling American Meghan Markle, newest member of the royal family, “nasty” at the beginning of the official visit to England, and then deny saying it even it was recorded?
  • Is the president so anti-immigrant? He is a second-generation immigrant; he has married two immigrants; he recently had his in-laws brought to America via the “chain migration” policy, which he is on record as thinking it “abhorrent.”
  • Has the president never commented at length on the separation of families of immigrants seeking asylum in the United States?
  • Did the administration recently announced an end to legal aid and English classes for migrant children in U.S. detention centers?
  • Did the president campaign on lowering the deficit and then advocate programs that immediately increased the debt by $2 trillion?
  • Would a tax cut the president promoted as “costing the wealthy a lot of money” do exactly the opposite and save the nation’s  biggest companies and richest one percent of Americans billions in taxes overall with no explanation from the administration?
  • Would the president excuse his bone spurs deferment during the Vietnam War by saying in his official capacity he is bolstering the military through funding increases?
  • Are there no penalties for the fraud charges which resulted in the shuttering of Trump University and Trump Foundation (which was used as a personal piggy bank by Trump)?
  • Did the president end federal fetal tissue research when the material is collected mainly from the umbilical cord, and the research has shown amazingly positive results that could have helped thousands of citizens?


There are many more questions and virtually no viable and believable answers have come from the administration.

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Circumference of Me – Chapter 14

14. ‘Tis better to shovel than bail

It is an old axiom, but a business truism just the same, that shit flows, rolls, or bounces downhill, depending on the individual consistency and age of said waste. 

It’s a fact of business life: You will have unimaginable and unimaginative chores to do in a corporate environment. There often are tough assignments that nobody wants to do, but almost everybody has to do.

The avalanches of shit you will face in business will be awe-inspiring – or downright scary. Learn to master and manage them, not to be buried by them, and to shovel shit with efficiency and aplomb. Learn to look over and past them to the emergent light on the horizon.

Lesson 1: Accept shoveling shit as a rite of passage. Know that the company CEO was a Supreme Shit Shoveler in his day. Follow his or her example: Do your duty, shovel to the best of your ability, and move on.

Lesson 2: It’s impossible to pick up a turd from the clean end. Grab it with both hands and dispose of it as quickly as possible.

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Circumference of Me – Chapter 13

13. Where’s my ladder?

Ambition is like a ladder. Without two strong sides and rungs arranged at regular intervals, chances of a safe climb are very slim indeed.

Young managers want to scamper up the ambition ladder. The faster the pace, the better they like it. Seasoned managers, either patient and not in an unrealistic hurry to be put in a position that might expose their weaknesses, or who have decided later in their careers to tackle the climb, use each rung as a learning experience to assist them on their vertical climbs in their chosen professions.

Is there one route that is best? To each his own.

But on principle, each rung of a career ascension should be used as an opportunity to learn about your company and yourself.

A career should not be judged by how fast a person gets to a certain position, but what the person brings to the corporate table when placed in a decision-making role.

 Whatever your pace, make it your ultimate goal to learn how to manage in a way that realizes the most efficiency and effective benefits for your company.

Find the company that you know is a good fit. Secure the ladder that fits your personality, abilities, and goals.

There’s no elevator to the top of the ladder. It takes hard work and you need to be in shape to climb it.

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