The big question for Trump is “WHY?”

By George Smith


It’s the start of a question psychologists will tell you not to ask unless you want to put the person to whom the question is directed into a defensive posture.

Fair enough.

But, president Donald J. Trump and members of his administration have taken actions for the past two-plus years that require…no, demand!…the “Why?” question.


  • Did Trump promise to drain the swamp then appoint unqualified ultra-wealthy people and industry lobbyists (all who donated generously to his campaign) to cabinet positions?
  • Has the president not released his tax records as every other president has done for the past several decades? (And it has nothing to do with any pending audits, as clarified by the Internal Revenue Service.)
  • Is the administration so gung-ho to supply Saudi Arabia with nuclear technology and weapons after that country brutally killed two resident Americans?
  • Did the president’s son-in-law use a common smartphone app in violation of federal regulations to have backdoor conversations with the brutal Saudi prince directly connected to those murders?
  • Does the president stoop to name-calling and shape-shaming rather than conduct himself as a global diplomat and leader of a major global power?
  • Does he engage in the seemingly constant habit of making undeveloped and often hair-brained ideas public and official via tweet that affects government officials and agencies and millions of Americans?
  • Has this administration had more turnover in key positions, from White House staff to cabinet posts, in 29 months than any president has in four years, and most presidents have in two terms?
  • Is the president so enamored with dictators and despots, calling leaders of Russia and China “strong” when those regimes are on record as participating in inhumane treatment of opponents and journalists, including imprisonment and murder?
  • Does the president lie daily, knowing his every word is chronicled and can be easily checked?
  • Are his followers so easily duped by his persona, buying his lies like they come from the lips of a god, rather than from a flim-flam man with a long history of embellishments and falsehoods in business and in life?
  • Do evangelicals praise him a man of faith when he is not religious in the slightest, believes in money and power over all things, has lived a life that is stark contrast to biblical teachings, is a philanderer, adulterer, cheat, fraud…add your own descriptive phases here.
  • Does the president turn his head when one of his chosen cabinet members misuse  public money to create an empirical environment for themselves and then blows up when anyone disagrees with him on any decision?
  • Make a pretense of being a hard-working president when he spends more time in “executive time” (watching TV and watching more TV) and playing golf than any president, including Obama, who Trump berated for playing too much golf.
  • Are millions of tax dollars used to enable Trump’s golfing habits and public money spent at Trump-owned resorts and golf clubs around the country and in Europe?
  • Would Trump embarrass himself and the nation by calling American Meghan Markle, newest member of the royal family, “nasty” at the beginning of the official visit to England, and then deny saying it even it was recorded?
  • Is the president so anti-immigrant? He is a second-generation immigrant; he has married two immigrants; he recently had his in-laws brought to America via the “chain migration” policy, which he is on record as thinking it “abhorrent.”
  • Has the president never commented at length on the separation of families of immigrants seeking asylum in the United States?
  • Did the administration recently announced an end to legal aid and English classes for migrant children in U.S. detention centers?
  • Did the president campaign on lowering the deficit and then advocate programs that immediately increased the debt by $2 trillion?
  • Would a tax cut the president promoted as “costing the wealthy a lot of money” do exactly the opposite and save the nation’s  biggest companies and richest one percent of Americans billions in taxes overall with no explanation from the administration?
  • Would the president excuse his bone spurs deferment during the Vietnam War by saying in his official capacity he is bolstering the military through funding increases?
  • Are there no penalties for the fraud charges which resulted in the shuttering of Trump University and Trump Foundation (which was used as a personal piggy bank by Trump)?
  • Did the president end federal fetal tissue research when the material is collected mainly from the umbilical cord, and the research has shown amazingly positive results that could have helped thousands of citizens?


There are many more questions and virtually no viable and believable answers have come from the administration.

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