Words matter AND they can do damage

By George Smith

“Send her back!”

Three words. Eleven letters. 

Just three little words. But words that should strike a note of … what, exactly?

If you a traditional American (you know, a citizen with ancestors that came to this country looking for a new start, to escape persecution or famine or war), chances are you should either be chagrined, angry or sad at those followers of Donald Trump who used those three words at his recent rally in North Carolina.

If your emotional response was a shrug or a “whatever” thought, you are Trump-conditioned, an anomaly of the past three years that affect those that have to look down on someone for some reason, or who believe this is what we have and what we deserve for the 2016 election.

The president’s verbal, extremely personal attacks on U. S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, an American citizen from Minnesota, created an environment of raucous hatred disguised as crowd-mass frivolity at a recent Trump rally.

Call it was it is: A personal attack on an immigrant /refugee who is not a  a what is thought of as a traditional U.S. faith, and a person of color who dresses like few, if any, of our neighbors. The rally goer’s response to Trump’s earlier “Love it or leave” edict to the congresswoman was wrapped in a transparent veil of abject racism.

When confronted with the ugly result and severe backlash from his white nationalist-like statements about the four female progressives, three of whom were born in this country, Trump reverted to his most comfortable political tactic: He lied.

The day after the rally, after, reports indicated, his daughter ivanka and wife Melania, took him behind the proverbial barn for a revelation meeting, he said he tried to stop the chanting by “speaking quickly.” Big lie, that, and easy to ferret out the truth. He stood at the rally podium, trademark smirk in place, basking the the waves of “Send her back!” for 13 seconds.

Here’s where you go: “One Mississippi, two Miss….”  And during of the chanting regimen, he moved his head side to side in rhythm of the words.

By any measurement, he enjoyed the new rendition of “Lock her up!”, his legion’s tribute and rallying cry to Hillary Clinton prior to and even after the 2016 election.

In his most recent rally, Trump got the response he wanted from his minions in COT (Cult of Trump): Adoration in the form of mimicking his thoughts and actions, of picking up on his scattered stray thoughts turned loose from his verbal Mixmaster of words often found on eighth grade spelling tests.

On one level, Trump is a genius. He excels at creating fictional bugaboos and will o’ the wisps that manufacture myriad fears in the very souls of those with a heart susceptible to hate and who have a deep need to belong to…something.

Those that hated Clinton (and politicians in general) were looking for a non-politician who would take up the banner of the tired, the poor, the fearful. Those make up a majority of the 35-40 percent of Americans who avidly and blindly follow the person with a national stage and message of exclusion.

Trump knows what he is doing. He plays every decision to his base via tweet storms and televised rants and through belligerent, bombastic interviews. And, millions absorb every word as if it was a new form of the gospel.

Wait. Trump knows what he is doing? Does he really?

What if one of his edge-of-fringe followers decided to take action to please his master and tried to do harm to one of the four congresswomen who Trump has labeled as not American enough to exist in his country?  What would he do then?

He’d surely follow his pattern after a major misstep, like he did after the white nationalist killed a woman with a car in North Carolina, he would deny anything he said had anything to do with the dastardly deed. And the army of COT would nod and applaud him for whatever it is they think he has done that is good for the country.

This is where we are now. And it’s a sad, sad place in the history of this country.

“If you think he’s a racist, that’s up to you. I don’t!” — Lindsey Graham, just now

“He’s a race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot.” — Lindsey Graham, 2015

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One thought on “Words matter AND they can do damage

  1. Well said George, but I feel strange in even saying that. Trump says that many agree with him and he certainly speaks the truth as there are those 35 percent that are also racists. I used to say that the majority of the proper in the world have the same values, perhaps 90 percent, but I’m so very sad that in our country the percent is much higher. So very sad…

    Thank you for speaking what should be obviously to even the majority of Trump supporters.


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