Feedback for the week – 12/16/2018

Marshall Texas Financial Reserves Under Funded

12/20/2018 — Will Ryan Fason — facebook
☝️☝️ yes, where will half a million be found that wasn’t there. Magic tricks with wands & tophats!

“Papa was so proud he couldn’t talk, just smiled….. cause everyone knows, 5 is greater than 1”

12/18/2018 — Julie Richey — facebook
They can’t fix it. It’s all broken

12/20/2018 — Randy Reeves — facebook
Glad I moved….

F$&(ing unbelievable…

12/20/2018 — Shawne Brophy Somerford — facebook
I can’t wait to hear how the Mayor is going to make sure we find 500,000 to cover our short fall before the end of the year. Get out and spend people!

12/20/2018 — Will Ryan Fason — facebook
And worth the question …. is the Animal Shelter portion in reserves Gone!!???!?!

12/18/2018 — Will Ryan Fason — facebook
Well Well Well Look who spent your $$$$$

So in case you weren’t paying attention, or worried about who didnt get a job promotion, maybe Take Note of this.

Reserves Went from Excess to Lacking in a very short time. Financial stewards some of these are not.

There’s an old saying…….

“Always watch where the money goes”. Havent you heard it before? (Oh yeah, I’m sure somebody said something about this 😄)

12/20/2018 — Tyler Watson — facebook

12/20/2018 — Bertha Maples — facebook
Memorial hall?????

12/20/2018 — Don Parks — facebook
Just print some more cash!!

12/20/2018 — Heath Parker — facebook
Sounds like the Commissioners are doing a great job!!!

12/20/2018 — Linda Coker — facebook
Let the games begin!!

12/20/2018 — Sheila Harber Watson — facebook

12/20/2018 — David Granger — facebook
I would say that I’m shocked, but I am not.

12/18/2018 — Will Ryan Fason — facebook
Who would have ever known?

Uncertain Christmas Parade

12/18/2018 — Jan — text message
Great photos.

12/18/2018 — anonymous — text message
Sounds like you had skin in the game.

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