Opinion: Start Scratching


By George Smith  — November 15, 2021

Just so we’re clear on where I stand on this issue (as if it really matters WHERE I stand), Kamala Harris will never be president of the U.S. Neither will Pete Buttigieg.

The Dems need to start scratching the grassroots and harvesting the next generation of  party all stars because the current crop of Me Nexters will not get the job done.

From Day 1 VP Harris needed to be visibly competent in everything she was assigned or touched. It’s hard to do that if you are invisible, a role she has embraced for some reason.

Mayor Pete? If you believe his sexual orientation should not matter in being elected to the nation’s highest office…you are correct in your belief. But that belief is not reality-based in 2021, or for the foreseeable future.

2022? Look for the Senate to revert to GOP control; the final count in the House will be close, but could easily go back to being The House That Pelosi Razed.

Where is that Savior of Dems the party sourly needs?

Texas’ Beto O’Roarke could fill that bill…he just announced for Texas governor, and he needs to knock off Atilla the Hun’s step-brother who is so far right-wing he rolls in circles, and works hard for two years to put a reality-based boot print on the Lone Star State.

Every day that passes without action from the Democrats puts this country closer to a return to Trumpenomics.

That, the country cannot survive.


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