Opinion: Segregation

 Opinion: Segregation

By George Smith  — November 13, 2021

There are some things I simply do not understand.

Segregation, is one.

I’m not talking about ordered segregation, like having people of color sit in the balcony area of theaters that was the norm when I was a kid, or aggressive and mean-spirited segregation like “No Irish need apply” or separate water fountains or restrooms for “Whites” and “Coloreds”, another embarrassment from our history and my youth.

I’m not even taking about the evil-minded events I’ve witnessed as an adult, like the real estate brochure in north central Arkansas in 1968 that proudly provided the area had “No Chiggers, N-word or Catholics.”

I’m talking about optional segregation by various groups of people based strictly on skin color.

From the American Association of Blacks in Education to the Association of Black Women Physicians to associations for blacks in law enforcement, accounting, engineering, federal aviation employees, lawyers, political scientists, animal care, culinarians, Wall Street, government,  physicists… and the list covers page after Internet page.

There’s even an association for black

scuba divers, beauty contestants, storytellers, criminal justice, Realtors, and market developers.

I admit I found it a bit odd to see such self-imposed segregation by members of the black community.

I even found it more odd last year with the introduction of allblk TV. I know the BET (Black Entertainment Television) cable has been around a while and I remember thinking at the time I became aware of its existence that no way could anyone get by with starting a White Entertainment Television channel.

With allblk TV, I returned to my original thought of “No way could you have an allwht TV channel”.

I have lived and worked in three communities which had Chambers of Commerce …and also diversity-oriented chambers, two black chambers and one Hispanic.

This is one of this mind-draining diatribes for which there is no solution or concentrated attempt at finding an emotional or a rational compromise.

I’m just “surmising”, as my father was fond of saying.

This is a “Hmmmmmmm?” piece.

Any thoughts?


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