Opinion: Lady Justice Bares Her Butt


By George Smith  — November 19, 2021

Lady Justice climbed down from her stripper pole, threw her purple boa and matching garter belt and  sequined thong into the cheering throng and bared her bare buttocks to the entire world.

It is official: Vigilantes in open carry states with the instincts and empathy of feral wolverines can go hunting for trouble…  and find it readily. They can walk around an area filled with people, kill two of them and wound another, get arrested and at trial, get exonerated by a jury.

That’s America 2021.

Kyle Rittenhouse was 17 when he loaded up his AR-15, crossed a state line to “help” folks caught up in the protest that was staged to protest the killing of a black man by a white policeman.

What you have is yet another example of justice denied: An inept prosecutor and bumbling case presentation; an ultra-aggressive defense, and; a judge who got caught up in the drama of a nationally televised trial and appeared to be auditioning for Judge Judy’s replacement.

Mark this down: This verdict ensures that others will die at the hands of Wild, Wild West bit actor rejects who are hailing Rittenhouse’s actions and will emulate him so they, too, can be seen as a heroic patriot.

He is not that. He is now officially a symbol of a society out of control, a newly minted lunatic icon for gun fanatics and armed haters.

Open carry. Shoot to kill. Claim of self-defense.

Open and shut case of a judicial system gone south. And, the sad part is, there is no relief in sight.


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One thought on “Opinion: Lady Justice Bares Her Butt

  1. I was not privileged to listen to the trial and can only speculate as to the testimony. Therefore, I am not going to dispute the findings of the jury. You are supposed to be tried by a jury of your peers and there is no mention of it needing to be of any particular ethnic, cultural, or racial grouping. My peers would not include a 25 year old laborer who is a high school drop out regardless of their race. I just do not form an opinion because of what some wordsmith writes nor what some activist proclaims but only on my interpretation of the evidence presented during the trial. Which is what a proper juror does.


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