Opinion: National Naming Stuff Consortium

 Opinion: National Naming Stuff Consortium

By George Smith  — November 4, 2021

Again, the National Naming Stuff Consortium did a lousy job.

The term Critical Race Theory buys nothing but ridicule and constant consternation, just like the phrases “Defund the Police”, “Global Warming”, and “Black Lives Matter”.

“Black Lives Matter”, while accurate, was an Immediate flashpoint for racists and conservatives in general. That could have been avoided from Day 1 by adopting “All Lives Matter” as a universal truth.

“Defund the Police” is s stupid, knee jerk slogan for a movement that needed no controversy; “Evaluate Policing Priorities” is a less explosive term.

While “Global Warmjng” is technically accurate, the term just feels wrong when one gets a 19.5 inch snow dump in SW Arkansas in January.

“Climate change” is a phrase with which it is hard to argue.

Branding! Think before speaking and learn from past mistakes.


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