The Voters Have Spoken

By Ron Munden — 11/03/2021

Yesterday the people of Virginia had to make a selection.  They had to select a governor from the “evil anti-democracy” party or the “completely incompent” party.

The good people spoke loud and clear.  They chose “anti-democracy” over “incompetence.”  Of course they did.  Anyone in their right mind would make that choice.

The Democrats have done one thing very well over the last 9 months.  They have proved to the American people that they can’t govern.  They have spent this period fighting each other but not delivering on anything.

The Democratic House and Senate have failed to provide any support to Biden and God knows Biden needs help.

Let’s look at Afghanistan. It is true that Trump’s actions ensured a messy withdrawal but he set the stage and Joe Biden walked on to the stage and shot himself in the foot.

Democrats set themself up for failure.  The radial left is not a drawing card for the Democrats; it is an anchor around the Party’s neck.  “Defund the Police” is not a popular slogan.  It may be popular with the left wing but it’s not popular with Independents – the middle one-third of the country.  

Tolerating rioters and looters is not going to win votes. That is why many Democrats have tolerated this.  They hope it gets them votes.  Message to earth – looters do not vote –  they commit crimes.

The loss in Virginia was a prick on the finger for Democrats.  It drew blood but the real blood-baths will come with the loss of the House and Senate in 2022 and the Presidency in 2024.

Wake-up — Democrats’ good policies mean nothing if you can’t execute — and YOU HAVE PROVED YOU CAN’T!


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