What fresh hell is greeting us today?

By George Smith

President Trump is still saying nothing about Russia offering a bounty on American soldiers in Afghanistan.

The bounty is not a hoax. It is not fake news. The intelligence community has interrogated prisoners, picked up rumblings on avenues of communications and followed the money.

It happened and may still be happening.

Not fake news. Read. Research. Analyze.

Yet our president is silent. Why? Think of the reasons why he has not condemned our global enemy, why he has not expressed his concern and why he did not bring up the issue in a call this week with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. 

None are good. None are reasonable. None are acceptable.

The president who is afraid of nothing…is afraid. Of something. Something big. Something ominous. Something so vile that he would rather show his Barney Fife persona in a public manner than directly confront Putin.

Whatever he’s afraid of is of such magnitude he fears its disclosure more than public ridicule.

Again, whatever the “it” is, it’s YUGE!

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