By George Smith

Yeppers. Day started off okay. Good, in fact.

Then a old acquaintance from my youth in East Texas decided to pipe up and make a case on my FB page why Donald Trump is being persecuted for doing his job, giving him credit for the economic strides for the first two years of his first term. He is a upfront Trump supporter and while I admire his “loyalty,” the lack of evidence presented of Trump’s competence in any area of political competence is appalling but expected.

There is no logical reason (except for the singular area of the extremely personal emotion raised by the abortion issue) why anyone would defend the corrupt and self-serving actions of Donald Trump.

This is the post on my page that has my blood pressure red-lining:

“…Trump is blamed for everything, the economy is better than it has ever been so let’s just blame Trump he can take it Obama and Biden had 8 years to do something and they did nothing but fill there own pockets, not a president has been treated like trump has and he is still trying to help the American people, But no one is perfect, all the Dem want is to investigate and spend tax payers money instead of doing there jobs.”

Trumpuppets don’t live in the real world, but in a world of soundbites and ludicrous memes and hoax posts on alt-right hate sites or blabber-words from the bilious bile-filled brains of the Rush Limbaughs of the world. They pay apt attention to the hare-mongers who focus on division of the people— of political parties, of races, cultures, issues, religion, sexual orientation… and, add your own items here.

(To keep it real, hardcore liberal members of society can be just as ignorant, just as mean-spirited, just as adamant about the righteousness of their positions. That also makes them just as wrong.)

The point is, this man whom I have known since 1955, man is lost to me. He lives/exists in a world that is of his own making; it exists in his mind and the mind of his ilk.

He is an enabler of the worst president of the 44 that preceded him. History will be the judge. And history will not be kind to his ardent supporters for they are on the wrong side of it.

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July 12, 2020

James HarrisAttachments11:32 AM (2 hours ago)
to Harris

Houston hospitals are increasingly turning away new patients as coronavirus overwhelms emergency rooms (FROM THE TEXAS TRIBUNE WHICH IS DOING NICE WORK)


What will a COVID-19 vaccine look like? Don’t expect a cure-all, scientists say
(J. Harris: This is a short, readable, seeingly accurate vaccine discussion; it was sent to me by Houston Internist who just sent me this message, Sunday morning: “Enjoy the day. My ER buddy works the Valley; chat this AM, last night he had 9 Covid patients in his freestanding ER who had been there over 100 hours but no beds in the hospitals–ambulances sit with patients at his ER for 3-4 hours, waiting till they have an open stretcher in his ER. They are on fire but a nurse there worked New York six weeks and he says it is not New York bad, yet.”

Cases over Time by County

After looking hard at the state spreadsheet, it looks to me like Dallas is fixing to be in trouble. What do you think?


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