The “Me Donald” Doll

By George Smith

There are those who believe I am “obsessed” with the mercurial “Me Donald” doll that happens to be president of the United States.

Please remember: I would have very little word-fodder with which to work concerning Donald Trump if he did not constantly draw attention to himself by doing, saying and tweeting stupid combinations of unvetted words.

You know, like the actions that resulted in this headline; “Trump wages war on CDC over ‘tough’ school reopening policy after lashing out at Dr Fauci”

What could the president possibly be thinking? Attacking HIS administration’s national disease control and Dr. Anthony Fauci, who, in polls, is one of the most trusted people on the planet when it comes to pandemic advice? What rational thought-path ended at that metaphorical cliff?

Trump wants the nation’s schools to open next month. Period. Paragraph. The president hisownself wants schools open, regardless of the coronavirus status, regardless of the Center for Disease Control  guidelines, or feelings of various state officials, school boards, teachers or parents.

Is it clear that Trump wants the schools open, just like  he wants stores and businesses open, and just like he wants to have full-blown “Trump Luv” rallies, just like he wants the virus to disappear.

What Trump wants, he wants…and fully expects to get. Do not try and insert reality into the conversation; it is, as Lightnin’ Hopkins decreed,  just a dead skunk in the middle of the road, a bump, a mere hiccup.

This egocentric man-baby, in his mind,  is not living in the real world that is defining 2020. His off-of-the track slot car mind is laser-focused on giving the economy a shot of optimistic adrenaline, believing that his edicts will halt COVID 29 and that — like a hopeful sigh…Ahhhhhhhh — everything will be back to normal.

(Sound of snapping fingers.)

“Donald. Donald. Mr. President! Please wake up! The country NEEDS you!”

But, sadly, it seems not in the cards for President Trump to obtain a level of knowledge and a sufficient degree of empathy to understand that this country is in the throes of a medical crisis of gargantuan proportions and a companion economic pandemic that has brought the country to its knees.

Record bankruptcies, big chain stores shuttering across the country, residents dying in record numbers…with no end in sight.

All this, and our president is casting blame to any and all the will o’ the wisps that could damage his re-election chances. This week he even  threatened anyone, including state and school officials, who will not follow his decision to reopen schools regardless of the virus status, of local situations, of health officials’ advice.

The nation is not well. Neither is its president.

Isn’t it time — no, past time — for members of his own party to confront him and persuade him to resign for the good of the country and the Republican Party.

Do I believe he will resign? Not for a minute.

Do I believe the Republicans in Congress will confront the president? Collectively, the GOP bloc in Congress has the combined backbone of an  eggplant.

So, here we are. The only ones who   can change this path of national self-destruction are those reading this column and those of a like mind.

Vote in November to end the Trump reign  and oust His enablers up for re-election.

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