By George Smith

In my seven-plus decades, I have participated in three protests: In 1967 I  was one of 12 young college students to protest America’s involvement in the Vietnam War; in 1985 in Marshall, Texas, spoke to a “Sweep the Rascals Out” protest concerning bad government in general and in D.C. in general;  last night, June 11, joined a peaceful protest in Prescott, Ark., with the aim of obtaining justice for all citizens, a Black Lives Matter event.

All masked-up and maintaining the suggested social distance, I participated in the event on behalf of my friend-daughter Jennifer and son-in-law Cleon, our three biracial grandkids, Bryan, Brayden and Marley, and our other four grands — Piper, Annie, Jordyn and Colton — plus our two biracial second-cousins, Mattie and Ann Marie.

I also wanted to stand up and be counted in the global movement aimed at ending injustice to black citizens in particular.

More than 35 people from as far away as Mena, Ark., 100 miles, participated in the protest.

Hannah Wiley, the young organizer of the protest, set the tone for the event by holding an eight minute, 23 second moment of silence in memory of
George Floyd, the black citizen who died at the hands of Minneapolis police officers.

BobJean had planned on attending but deferred until the next protest due to working too long and too hard in the yard and wearing herself out.

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