June 3, 2020

On June 1, Judge Sims reports 5 Covid recoveries and no new cases.

On June 2 Harrison County reports one death and four new positive cases

  for a total of 253 positives. The added fatality brought the total deaths in his county to 25.


Universal and Serial Laboratory Testing for SARS-CoV-2 at a Long-Term Care Skilled Nursing Facility for Veterans — Los Angeles, California, 2020

This readable article describes a Long Term Skilled Nursing VA Facility in Los Angeles that TESTED, TRACKED, ISOLATED, AND TREATED their COVID staff and patients early and efficiently and PREVENTED an epidemic in their facility. Initially, more health care workers were early test positive (nasal swabs) than were the patients in the facility. About half the people with positive tests had no symptoms at the time the test was taken. This was a large VA facility with lots of wards and isolation was fairly easy to achieve. Small rural nursing homes would need to transfer their positive patients (and staff) to a hospital or special COVID Ward. Hooray for a well-deserved victory!  Of course, they will have to keep testing indefinitely to preserve their lack of infections – and it may be that the staff should be tested very frequently. J. Harris

Diarrhea in Patients With COVID-19 Suggests Possible Oral-Fecal Transmission Route

Incidence rates of diarrhea across studies of patients with COVID-19 ranged between 2% and 50%. Pooled analysis showed an overall incidence rate of diarrhea totaling 10%. Studies reported the occurrence of diarrhea both prior to and after the onset of respiratory symptoms….

Reports also suggest that the viral RNA shedding in the stool is detectable for a longer span of time than it is observed in nasopharyngeal swabs. The presence of SARS-CoV-2 in the stool and the lengthy duration of time for which it persists suggest the possibility of orofecal transmission. Investigators note that greater attention should be paid to hygiene and sterilization of all potential sources of contamination to prevent this form of transmission. In addition, personal protective equipment, such as gloves and facial masks, should be used, especially in endoscopy units.

Based on their findings, the researchers wrote that “the presence of diarrhea should generate suspicion of a possible SARS-CoV-2 infection and should be investigated in order to reach an early diagnosis of COVID-19.”

Proteins in COVID-19 patients’ blood could predict severity of illness, study finds


LONDON (Reuters) – Scientists have found 27 key proteins in the blood of people infected with COVID-19 which they say could act as predictive biomarkers for how ill a patient could become with the disease.

Berlin found the proteins are present in different levels in COVID-19 patients, depending on the severity of their symptoms.

“A test to help doctors predict whether a COVID-19 patient is likely to become critical or not would be invaluable,” 

Messner’s team used a method called mass spectrometry to rapidly test for the presence and quantity of various proteins in blood plasma from 31 COVID-19 patients at Berlin’s Charite hospital. They then validated their results in 17 other patients with COVID-19 at the same hospital, and in 15 healthy people who acted as controls.

Three of the key proteins identified were linked with interleukin IL-6, a protein known to cause inflammation and also a known marker for severe COVID-19 symptoms


Virus Outbreak

The Urgency and Challenge of Opening K-12 Schools in the Fall of 2020


Chase Palmer

Mon, Jun 1, 5:26 PM (2 days ago)



to me

Locally, we should be able to evaluate and monitor school children and their families as school starts. It will be important that all of the students (and citizens) have access to high-speed internet. We will have to spend school time preventing and tracking illness, but we’ll catch up.  

This is a problem.  Most kids do not have this access in rural communities.  There is limited to no internet service in Gill and other outlying areas around Marshall.  Even if you have access, your parents may not have the funds to purchase internet access.  Last, but not least, our elementary school kids cannot learn by computer alone.  Nothing takes the place of in person instruction from a qualified teacher.  I understand the issues with COVID, but our kids have got to go back to school.  If they don’t, we will lose a generation of children.  We will not be able to get some of these kids back on grade level if we continue to try and piece meal instruction from home. 

Locally, we may not be able to enjoy the spectator sports that our schools naively provide the citizenry.  We’ll get by, and little Johnny might be better off in the long run, and we might better spend monies saved on more immediately needed projects.   

Extracurricular activities are the lifeblood of communities and teach kids life lessons they may not learn from home.  Teamwork, team building, working with others toward a common objective are all taught in extracurricular activities.  Athletics, choir, Mavettes, band, cheerleading, flag corps, ROTC, UIL, orchestra, FCA and FFA (just to name a few) are all valuable components to our kid’s education.  Interestingly enough, the most successful kids in our high school are almost always involved in multiple extracurricular activities.  The top four this year, all of whom were girls, were involved in some combination of the following activities:  volleyball, basketball, softball, choir, powerlifting, cross country, National Honor Society, UIL Academic teams, FCA and band. 

Thank you, Chase Palmer. I appreciate your efforts for our school children. J. Harris

Collins Pun for the Day: The   midget fortune-teller who escaped from prison was a small medium  at large. 

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Marshall’s Opening During COVID-19 — June 3, 2020

[Marshall, Texas, May 19, 2020]

[Marshall, Texas] It is essential to note that the Marshall Public Library has been open and available for curbside service since May 1, 2020. We encourage patrons to avail themselves to access the library’s services through these means. Please contact or (903) 935-4465 to make arrangements for reading materials through this service.

When the city announced furloughs back in April, city leaders were careful to point out that they made such a decision concerning our response to protecting the pandemic for our citizens and budgetary considerations. The focus for the furloughs was mainly in areas that are destination-based, as opposed to safety services and utility operations based on our current circumstances. We are in a recession, which will be announced formally at the end of the month, after the second quarter. We have seen estimates in the drop of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for this second quarter ranging from 35-53%. This drop in the GDP will impact on our sales tax revenues, one of the city’s primary sources of income for providing services on almost every level. We won’t know how severe an impact it will have until we receive our latest sales tax report, which we anticipate in the next few weeks. Keep in mind; there is an approximate two-month delay between what happens at the cash registers in Marshall and when it shows up at City Hall. Although there has been a lot of rhetoric in the nation’s capital about aid to states and cities for lost revenue, there are no formal plans for providing that assistance. Assuming our citizens didn’t want the shortfall passed onto them via tax increases, city leaders have done the responsible thing and made adjustments as early as possible to mitigate the impact of the sales tax lost revenue. Whether we have to cut more, will be based on the subsequent reports.

When deciding on when to reopen city services to their normal state, the City of Marshall will use a combination of things, including a city advisory committee comprised of management personnel, the Governor’s Orders, local COVID-19 statistics, and budgetary considerations. The committee will continue to meet periodically to evaluate reopening the full complement of city services. A prompt announcement will be made by the city on decisions to change the status of building openings or city services.

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