June 22, 2020

James Harris

7:56 AM (4 hours ago)

to Harris
“… Harrison County Judge Chad Sims said his county has three new COVID-19 case, raising the total there to 272. Harrison County has seen 26 deaths, 181 recoveries and has 66 active cases.”
In Gregg County, County Health Administrator A.J. Harris reported no new cases, keeping the total at 308.
J. HARRIS: Current quotations from a Houston area Board Certified Internist whom I know and trust and also the physician who alerted me to the fact that  the number or  census of patients hospitalized in various areas is likely the most important statistic that needs to be followed:    
     1. “The R value needs to stop being discussed as people are fantastically ignoring the incredible amount and (good) effect of six feet and a mask. Early, before six feet and a mask, the R was closer to three and THAT tells us about this bug–it is transmissible as hell. The proximity to one adds to the illusion when it really is just a report card on how well we are six feet-masking. A proper R would approach zero.
     2. After reading travel post yesterday, 21 June: flying is stupid if the anecdotal experience of my practice counts–five of my six cases came from flights….travel by car, use Dome shaped-95 masks, keep six feet, of distance from others, drive toward destinations with  LESS COVID activity, not to vacation hot spots crawling with disease. If you do these things, travel can be almost safe.”
    3. ” I agree on six feet and a mask in general and I am ready to add best find a dome-shaped N-95 as shortages to medicos is not the rule anymore and dome works better than “duckbill” that comes out with a sharp angle to it.” 
Contact tracing in NYC is off to a slow start (NYT not linked)
In lieu of a vaccine, contact tracing is one of the few tools that public health officials have to fight Covid-19, along with widespread testing and isolation of those exposed to the coronavirus. The stumbles in New York’s program raise fresh concerns about the difficulties in preventing a second surge of the outbreak in the city, which is to enter a new phase of its reopening on Monday. (People don’t answer their phones)
Short interesting read about “Typhoid Mary” and some of the first tracking by health officials. 
People Have Stopped Going to the Doctor. Most Seem Just Fine.
Good pun? … .She had a photographic memory, but never developed it.


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