Peters RAM

A Horror Story


Is Peters RAM in Longview Texas Where RVs Go To Die?


By Ron Munden

The Quick Version

On July 21, 2022 I bought an RV.  I have had numerous small problems with the RV which were addressed by the RV dealer.  The cab air conditioning stopped cooling in August. The RV Dealer said it was under RAM warranty and I needed to take it to a RAM dealer. On September 1, 2022 I took it to Peters RAM to do the warranty repairs.  As of September 20, 2022 they still have the vehicle and there are no signs of progress.  I have never been able to use the unit and next week I make my first payment of many.

A Longer Version

On July 21, 2022 I became the proud owner of a new Thor Sequence RV which is built on a RAM ProMaster frame.

I have had a series of problems.  I drove the RV to Missouri where I purchased it and the dealer fixed the house problems.

On the drive up to Missouri the A/C in the cab stopped cooling.  When I reported this to the RV dealer, I was told that this was under the RAM warranty and I should take it to a RAM dealer for repairs.  The lack of A/C has made the vehicle unusable.  I just hate driving around on a 100 degree day without A/C.

The RAM dealer in Marshall said they were not certified for RAM Pro Master work and referred me to Peters RAM in Longview Texas.

I called Peters for an appointment and was told I could not make an appointment for A/C repairs. They said I would need to drive it over and they would “work it in”  but they could not guarantee one-day repairs so I would need to drop it off and they would call me when it was ready.

I arranged for someone to pick me up in Longview and drive me back to Marshall.  On September 1, 2022 I drove the 30 miles to Peters Service Center.  

Prior to taking the RV over I had experienced difficulty starting the vehicle if I turned it off and then needed to restart it within a few minutes.  I had no problem if I waited a half day to restart it.

When I got  to Peters I stopped the RV beside the Service Center and turned it off.  I had the windows down driving over because of the lack of A/C. I realized I needed to raise the window.  The vehicle would not start again.

I went into the Service Center and met a very friendly Peters’ employee.  He was helpful and checked my RV in.  I detailed the problems that I was having – the A/C cooling and the RV not starting a second time.

We walked outside and he verified the problems.  The vehicle still would not start and jumping the battery did not work.

My ride arrived, I waved goodbye to my RV.  Sadly this was the last time I saw my young RV.

Today it is September 20, 2022.  Peters has never called me.  Some of my calls to them have been returned.  Everytime the story is the same – they have not found the problem but they are still looking.  They have no estimate when I might get my RV back.

Based on my conversations it appears that Peters Service Center has no clue what is wrong and they are getting NO HELP from the RAM factory.

Surely there is someone at the RAM factory that can help the Peters Service Center identify and repair these problems.

Next week I will write the check for my first RV payment.  I have not been able to use the RV a single day in the two months I have had it.  I had hoped that my RV and I could share the signing of that first check together but I fear we will be apart.  I will be at home and my RV will be at the Peters Service Center or the Peters Graveyard.

Come-on RAM – you can do better!


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