Marshall Depot Board Accepts Original Painting of the Depot From Local Artist

September 16, 2022


Marshall Depot Board Accepts Original Painting of the Depot From Local Artist


At their recent monthly board meeting, the volunteer Board of Directors for the Marshall Depot Inc. (MDI) gratefully accepted a beautiful original painting of the historic Marshall Depot painted by local artist, Jack Cargill. 

The Board will hang Mr. Cargill’s original acrylic painting of the Depot in the Marshall Depot Gift Shop, next to the Texas & Pacific Railway Museum, which is located on the second floor of the historic building.

Christina Anderson, president of the MDI Board, shared: “On behalf of the Marshall Depot Board, I want to say how much we appreciate the generosity of Jack Cargill in presenting to us and donating his lovely painting of Marshall’s beautiful, historic Depot. We’re delighted to receive this gift and will proudly display it.”

Jack Cargill shared: “I have always thought the Depot is a beautiful building, and the view of it from the Viaduct, with those old railroad cars in the foreground, is particularly scenic. One day I took a sketchbook and drew it from the Viaduct. Later I decided it warranted a painting, so I took a photograph, on which my acrylic painting is based.”

Mr. Cargill added: “I also love traveling by train, and I have been through that Depot on journeys to and from Chicago and California. Beautiful old buildings should be preserved; they are the ongoing history of our city — the Depot, the Ginocchio, the old Courthouse, and many others.”

A number of original paintings by Jack Cargill are currently or have been displayed in locations in downtown Marshall and in our East Texas region including at Joe Pine’s Coffee Shop, Texas Tea Room, Marshall Public Library, Warehouse 308, and the Longview Arboretum.

Ms. Anderson added: “There are many wonderful reasons to visit the Marshall Depot, Jack Cargill’s painting just adds another one. As you know, we have an outstanding Texas & Pacific Railway Museum at the Depot and we’re incredibly blessed, as a community, to be one of only 525 cities nationwide to have an Amtrak stop. This provides our community members a valuable transportation option for traveling on the Texas Eagle route and connecting to Amtrak’s vast National Network.”

Amtrak’s Texas Eagle provides long-distance daily service through Marshall between San Antonio and Chicago.  Amtrak ticket agent hours every day at the Marshall Depot are: 7:00am-11am and 4:30pm-8:30pm. 

The Texas Eagle train (heading west to Dallas/Fort Worth then south to San Antonio) has the scheduled departure time from Marshall each morning at 7:50am and the Texas Eagle train (heading north to Chicago) has the scheduled departure time from Marshall every evening at 7:31pm.

Ms. Anderson added that the hard-working volunteer Board of Directors is in the process of making a number of upgrades and improvements to the operation, safety, and aesthetics of the Marshall Depot and has great plans going forward.  “We look forward to sharing more information about these plans and ongoing improvements in the coming weeks and months.”

She also shared that upcoming community events will include a Halloween at the Depot celebration and the Depot’s participation in Marshall’s popular Wonderland of Lights Festival. 

Ms. Anderson also shared that Board Vice President Donald Hocutt and Treasurer Cathy Wright are working with the Depot Board and Depot Gift Shop manager, Abby Herman, on expanding and enhancing the inventory in the Marshall Depot Gift Shop. 

She noted: “Board members and Ms. Herman are in the process of taking the steps to make the Marshall Depot Gift Shop a shopping destination for our community not only for the upcoming Christmas season but all year round.”

Marshall Depot Museum and Gift Shop hours are:  Wednesday through Friday 10:00am-3:00pm; Saturday, 11:00am-3:00pm. Closed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  

Ms. Anderson also noted that the Marshall Depot is one of the few Amtrak stops on the Texas Eagle route that is not operated by the city it serves. A volunteer Board of Directors operates the Depot as a working Amtrak station, history museum, and gift shop.

Marshall Depot Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit established in 1990 to assist the City with the restoration, operation, and maintenance of the Depot. The volunteer board raises funds, through tax-deductible donations from individuals as well grants from foundations and governmental entities such as the City of Marshall and Harrison County, to maintain the funding needed each year for the operation of the Depot, including insurance, utilities, security, safety, maintenance, and ongoing preservation of the Marshall Depot and T&P Railway Museum. 

She reminded the community that the 2022 Annual Marshall Depot Fundraising campaign is still underway. The Board would appreciate community members making a tax-deductible donation by sending a check to Marshall Depot Inc, at the following address:  800 North Washington Avenue, Suite 1, Marshall, Texas 75670.

Ms. Anderson concluded: “We, on the board, are very grateful for the strong support of our City, County, and community members and for recognizing the valuable transportation asset that the Marshall Depot is and the many other benefits it provides related to economic development, tourism, education, quality of life, as well as documenting and continuing Marshall’s rich and fascinating railroad history.” 


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