9/11 – Twenty-One Years Later

Things They Are A Changin

September 11, 2022


9/11 – Twenty-One Years Later


By Ron Munden – September 11, 2022

It’s 9/11 – twenty-one years after the worst foreign terrorist attack in this nation’s history. 

It is a sad day.  Not because of what happened on 9/11/2001 but where the nation stands on 9/11/2022.

9/11/2001 was a sad day but that was short-lived. This nation quickly united and pulled together to get through those difficult days.  For a short time we set political affiliations aside and we were one nation.  That was inspiring and generated a sense of pride.

It is now twenty-one years later and this nation has moved a long way – unfortunately in the wrong direction.

Today I fear we are living through the final days of a nation with the greatest democracy that this world has ever known – the USA.

If you are thinking that these are the words of an irrational fear-monger, let me remind you that recent surveys show more than ⅔ of the people in the country share my concern .

In 2001 UNITED we stood.  Twenty-one years later – DIVIDED we’ll fall.

The Queen is dead and soon American democracy will follow in her footsteps – unless the American people wake up and snatch democracy from the authoritarian jaws of death. The time is short!


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