Do Companies Actually Read Customer Surveys?

Chapter 2


Do Companies Actually Read Customer Surveys?


By Ron Munden

When I receive an online survey form I often think – Will anyone actually read this form or will a computer just scan the responses and store them in a database?  Will my responses just be a dot in the composite data collection?

Earlier this week I posted an article titled, “Is Peters RAM in Longview Texas Where RVs Go To Die?” It was an article about my nightmare experiences with my new Thor Sequence RV.

On the day I posted my article I  received a Customer Satisfaction Survey Form request from Thor Motor Coach.

Since it was mailed a few days prior to my publishing my article, I cannot credit my powerful, compelling writing with me receiving the survey from Thor.  But I am very happy that the Thor Customer Satisfaction sent me the survey.

Of course I was very interested in completing the survey.  If you read my last article on this subject,  it will not be a surprise to you that Thor Motor Coach did not receive high marks on the survey form.  I think my 2000 character description of the current status will clearly identify to Thor why they received very low scores.  They now know I have very serious issues with their product.

So now this is the question – will a human ever review my survey?  Will the Customer Satisfaction Team ever reach out to me?

To be fair I must let you know this is my first time dealing directly with the Thor Motor Coach  company.  My dealings have been with the RV dealership and the RAM Service Center.  So Thor begins with a clear sheet of paper.

After completing the survey I received an email from the Thor Customer Satisfaction Team.  It said: 

Thank you for participating in the Thor Motor Coach customer satisfaction survey process. Our goal is to continue to provide superior products and services. The feedback you provided will assist us in meeting this goal.

Your response will be reviewed by our dealer and product support teams. If we identify that we have not met your expectations, we will take the necessary steps to follow-up to achieve an amicable outcome.


Customer Satisfaction Team

Now the question is – Is this Thor goal part of its marketing campaign or part of the company’s mission?

Time will tell and so will I.


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